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The Ouzoud waterfalls
If you are planning a trip to Marrakech – you NEED to visit this place. I’ve been a few times now and I remain impressed. The waterfalls are beautiful, the hike is fun and meeting the monkeys is an experience of a lifetime. If you decide to go on this trip – make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes (not flip flops) and a rucksack because you do have to walk down a lot of steep hills on this tour. Make sure you bring money for tips because, you have to pay for the boat ride (5 euro), you're expected to tip in the toilets (50 cent or so) and any extra food or drink you may want. The tour guide is amazing and can speak five different languages and he’ll make you feel right at home and help you get down the tougher bits. The guide we had also owned the hotel and manages the whole place. Although it may seem annoying having to tip left, right and centre - I really admire what he's done for the people he lives with. He really encourages you help them out and I can tell he has done so much for his community. It's rather heart warming to see! The food is phenomenal and you’ll be eating it to the best views of your life! (See below)

Visiting a traditional Hammam

The first part of a Hammam is very much like being showered as a child, but in a sauna. They wash your hair and body for you and sit you in the hammam for twenty minutes or so for the soap to sink in. We had natural olive soap and argon oil hair products, which smelt delicious. One of the things I love most about Morocco is their natural beauty products and regimes. They have it down to a T when it comes to taking care of yourself off the land. I love their oil and sand based scrubs, their amazing perfumes, and their hammam rituals designed to clear your pores. After our Hammam, we had a foot massage with some tea and it was so relaxing. I came out of the hammam feeling fresh and super relaxed. Next time I go to Morocco I will most definitely be visiting another Hammam. I'll also get a full body massage too, instead of just a foot one, we just didn’t have time this time around.

The botanical gardens
I reluctantly went here but then ended up thoroughly enjoying it. There were so many beautiful plants, ponds and palm trees. The traditional buildings inside made me love Moroccan architecture so much more than I already did. It was so nice to just wander through with just the sound of the birds singing and nice to take a pew and take in the beautiful fresh air. When I eventually decide to settle somewhere; I would love to design my garden around this place, with water features and a mixture of tall trees, pretty flowers and beautiful plants. I shall make me a jungle in the back garden!

The Riad
I stayed in the ‘Riad L'Orchidee and it was wonderful. The manager was so warm and welcoming. She helped plan trips and order food and she was so friendly while doing so. The Riad itself is situated right next to the souks so I feel I really got the true Moroccan experience this time. They were so accommodating and chilled at this Riad – they made vegan delicious vegan food every morning especially and ensured we were always happy. It had such a chilled vibe and I loved chilling out in all of their living spaces and whistling along with the birds on their roof terrace. I would definitely recommend this place!

The food and drink

Wowzies. I have always said that Moroccan food is one of my favourites and it’s probably why I was so eager to get back there. They really know how to use their herbs and spices. Their tagines, couscous dishes and salads are exceptional everywhere you go. They make wonderful mocktails, fresh juices and mint tea in all of the restaurants and cafes too. All the produce in Morocco is fresh and sun kissed which makes their dishes even more beautiful. A bit like the fruit and vegetables in Spain or Portugal. I am actually getting so hungry writing about this, it’s a far cry from where I am now (in the middle of the Alps in Austria). I miss the tagines, the wonderful smells and the friendly staff that enthusiastically serve the food.

I really do love Morocco, it is the perfect place to kick back and relax. I see myself spending a longer period of time here in the future and exploring more of what the country has to offer! I'd especially like to see Chefchaouen (the blue city) at some point. I love the people, the food, the sunshine, the nature, the beauty products and the interior design in Morocco and considering I've only been there twice, it has had such a profound affect on my tastes.

I hope you love Morocco as much as I do if you should find yourself there!

Peace out Potatoes xo


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