Sunday, 7 May 2017


WOW! What a place! (or what a few places). Italy is possibly the most beautiful country I have visited in a while, for so many reasons... The people are so warm and friendly, the men are SO stunning (not that it matters at the moment because I'm on a man ban haha - but I can still appreciate good looks), the food is delicious and the architecture, nature and culture are to die for.

We spent our first day in Trieste and it was lovely to get an authentic Italian feel for the place. We stayed with an Italian friend who showed us the best restaurant and bars. We had the nicest meal with authentic Italian pizza and Limon-cello. They also made melon-cello and pistachio-cello, which were amazing.

On Saturday I just chilled in the house. Which was bitter-sweet, my dad used to live in Spain and had houses there and it was so similar that I just felt so at home, maybe even too much so. I actually had an emotional crash on the Saturday, if I'm going to be honest here on the ol' blog. If you've lost someone, then you'll understand the feeling; I got that sinking, empty bellied, void feeling you get when you realise you are never going to have your favourite person back in your life again. I was inconsolable and I cried all day and all night. I haven't cried from my belly like that since my dad's funeral and I really just missed him. I missed him more than I ever have before and it was painful, but I'm still here, still breathing and this whole thing, is all part of the grieving. :-)

On Sunday, the three of us made our way to the beauty that is Venice. My goodness - Venice is simply wonderful. The views from the window of the coach were beautiful and inspiring. We past the deep blue ocean, various forests and cute little villages and towns. I just love being by the sea, it makes me feel so alive and so free.

When we arrived to Venice, we had a wander around all the shops, stopped for a drink, listened to Street buskers and got some gelato (in my case, sorbet). Venice has a beautiful feel to it. It's relaxed, beautiful and quirky and I would like to go back when it isn't so busy (we went on a bank holiday so it was 'ramo in the main room' -the streets and we couldn't move).

At one point, we sat in a small alley way with a doorbell to the canal and just watched the gondolas go by, no lie, this was one of our highlights. The gondola men were so entertaining: one tried to steal my friends Ice-cream, one pretended to faint after telling us we were beautiful and one was waving like a mad man and proceeded to kick himself off the wall to get away. We were saying that if we had more time in Venice, we would go there to read because it really was such a tranquil and sweet spot.

On Monday, my friend Hattie and I missed our connecting bus back to Austria, so we took an unprompted visit to Udine. Udine is a beautiful place, with wonderful architecture and fascinating views. We explored for a while, had some cocktails and absorbed all of the culture it had to offer. Our train ride from Udine in Italy back to Austria turned out to be one of my favourite experiences so far though. We had dinner in a posh dinning carriage, looked at all the scenic views from the window and got chatting to some Austrian natives. (check out my Instagram here for more photos and videos).

When I go to a country, I always prefer speaking to natives in order to get a real feel for a place and we finally got that for here in Austria. They told us about all the best places to visit, they spoke a bit about the food and they let us know a bit about what an Austrian person is stereotypically like.

I feel so blessed and grateful for what I have been able to experience so far in my life and I feel especially grateful that I have amazing people to share these experiences with. Italy is a place in which I can see myself living in the future. It has the people, food, and culture that I love and I adored listening to the language too. Listening to Italian when you know Spanish is a lot of fun, to me they sound a little bit like scouse, drunk Spaniards and depicting the language and piecing together what I already know was a lot of fun.

Peace out partitas xo


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