Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My Big London Bucket List

1. Take a Photography course
2. Explore the Warner Bro's Harry Potter Studios
3. Feast in the temple of seiten, Hackney ✔ 
4. Indulge in vegan afternoon tea - I would like to go here ✔ 
5. Attend a cookery class (this vegan dessert one here looks good)
6. Cosy up and watch a film on a rooftop cinema
7. Dance the night away in a Salsa class (or two) 
8. Check out an early morning 'green', sober rave
9. Go on a day trip to Stonehenge and bath from London
10. Walk a Jack the Ripper tour
11. Go on a bus tour of London (preferably the Christmas lights tour, the haunted tour or the afternoon tea tour) 
12. See London by helicopter
13. Play bubble (zorb) football
14. Relax and enjoy the view on a sunset cruise along the Thames 
15. Bring Riley for a meal in Mildred's restaurant, Camden 
16. Try flyboarding (they do this in docklands)
17. Mingle at a vegan meet-up in the city 
18. Try water rafting in Lee Valley
19. Climb the o2 
20. Canoe or Kayak down the River Thames

Peace Out Potatoes xo


  1. Amazing!! I would definitely be up for doing some of these with you.... let's get planning 🙌🙌

  2. you know I love food and also want to try salsa! I'm in xxx

  3. I might have to bus a couple moves at the sober rave ������


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