Friday, 7 July 2017


I was watching lots of inspirational YouTube videos the other day and a lot of the people that I found inspirational had made mood boards to get to where they wanted to be. I don't have the space to do one in real life so I have decided to do one here on my blog. Some people don't like writing bucket lists or future plans, but I do. It helps me get things straight in my mind and then crack on with what I am doing anyway. Four years ago I planned on being fully vegan, and now I am. Three years ago, I planned on quitting alcohol, and now I have. Two years ago I promised myself I would never work in retail again, and I haven't since my last role, and one year ago, I promised myself I would be freelance - and here I am.

Fitness goals: I am going to work towards having a flatter tummy and thighs that aren't so wobbly. I need to feel comfortable with my legs and tum, because right now - I don't. I've been doing more exercise lately, I've been walking to work and swimming at least once a week since being back from Austria. Riley and I go for a long walk somewhere new every week too, which motivates us both to exercise more. My fitness regime isn't where I want it to be... yet, but it is getting there and it is far better than it was a year ago even!

Another way I have been working towards a body I feel better in is quitting alcohol. I have kicked the dreaded alcohol to the curb. I haven't been drinking since May and I love waking up at the weekends without a hangover. I love having all my money in the bank and all my dignity in tact. I love not having to talk to people who just repeat themselves and I love not having to participate in, or witness the act of complete self-loathing. I honestly don't believe that anyone who puts their body, finance, or energy through getting drunk all the time is happy with themselves. It may be conscious or unconscious but if you have to self-medicate that way, then something is up. I saw this in myself too, which is why I am trying to break through it. I'm not going to lie, not drinking is a hard process, I have to reject a lot of plans because I know I'll have to be around drunk people or they will try to pressure me into drinking. I now spend more time on my own because I find it much more enjoyable to be indoors saving my money, time and energy for the other things I am working towards instead.

To gain and finish all of my qualifications and maybe gain more. I have just finished my online TEFL, I passed with 'outstanding' grades (- obviously), I am doing my TESOL at the end of the month, and I am studying towards being a speech and language therapist as of September. I plan on doing my degree while keeping up my means of income on the side (translation, tutoring, teaching and interpreting) so I can achieve my following goals too.

By 2021 I will own a flat or a house by the sea. I have already saved towards this, however due to the fact I am going to be a student again in September and the way I earn my money, I cannot get a mortgage at the moment, but that is okay. It just means I have more time to save for my deposit, which will mean a lower monthly cost when I do get there. A life for Riley and I by the sea is the life for us. I've been looking at St. Leonards-on-sea, Worthing or Bexhill-on-Sea. Obviously, we will have to see what happens with the housing market by then, but they are looking very good. The properties are much cheaper, the places are more quiet and being by the sea is just as lovely from these places as it is from elsewhere. I am looking forward to calm beach walks, beach picnics and cute bike rides already.

I will also own a nice big comfy fabric sofa: It's more of what this represents to me than the item itself. I can't wait to lounge on my own, big, fabric sofa in my own living room. I have always lived in shared houses so I haven't had the privilege to have these to myself long-term yet, and I haven't had my very own living room. Not having my own living room means I haven't had the chance to choose a sofa yet either, and to be totally frank, people are doing it all wrong. Sofas should not be plastic, leather or rough. They should be made of nice, soft fabric for you to sink into and relax! I can't wait to have my friends over to just chill and watch films, to have gatherings and to cosy up in the winter. I think it will be amazing to just walk in to every room of a home and know it's all mine, and I worked towards that happening. Also, aesthetically, sofas are definitely the cutest piece of furniture you can buy!

To travel as much of the world as I can and visit each continent. I plan on travelling to every place opportunity offers me. My job can take me anywhere and teaching English and Spanish is in high demand in many places. I also have friends all over the world and If I have the time, and funds, then I will go there. The top places on my list are Asia, Central America and South America, but as the cliché quote that has made it round the internet says - 'everywhere is on my list'. I need to see this Earth, but I plan on having it all you know. People always say you can either have a house or you can travel, well, I think you can have both if you work hard enough, and that is what I plan on doing.

Peace out Potatoes xo

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