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I haven't written a blog post for so long. I've been so busy with teaching and getting my teaching qualification under my belt, but I have missed writing dearly as I find it to be extremely therapeutic. Anyway, I digress, some family friends and I were discussing Amsterdam yesterday and we have decided to take a trip there in the very near future. I myself cannot wait to get back there so I thought I'd write a little post to make myself excited to go back, and to share with the inter-web how flipping fabulous the place actually is. It should be on everyone's travel list I'd say!

1. It's so liberal there: I am a free-spirit, anyone that knows me, knows that if you tell me to do something, I simply will not do it. However, if you try to persuade or simply ask my opinion, then I may well do it (if I feel like it). I like being in charge of myself and in turn I don't try to control others. I love the laissez-faire style of life and Amsterdam has that going on. The way I see it is, If people want to smoke a herb - let them. If people want to live out their sexual desires - let them. If people want to party hard or chill in peace - let them. Whatever people wish to do with their lives (as long as it isn't hurting others), should be what they are left to do with their lives. I have a few friends from Amsterdam and they are so laid back about so many aspects of life. I think it is because they have always been given the choice to do these 'naughty' things, so they can take it or leave it. My dad used that style of parenting with me and out of choice I have never tried any crazy drugs or committed a crazy crime. I never pushed the boundaries because there were none to push  I feel like as soon as you tell a human they cannot do something, they will find a way to do just that. It's because we are designed to be free, and freedom is our birth right.

2. On a lighter note, another thing I love about Amsterdam is the fact that it is such a pretty place. The beautiful architecture, trees, plants, and canals make for one very beautiful city. I loved strolling around, catching canal boats and cycling through the plazas and I look forward to doing it all again next time!

3. It's so diverse in Amsterdam. I come from quite a diverse part of London, in fact I watched a documentary once and it said the town I was from spoke up to 181 different languages. So, that gives you an idea of the kind of diversity I am used to. I feel much more comfortable when there is a huge combination of backgrounds and cultures and when it doesn't exist in a place, I always feel as though there is something missing. Where there is high diversity, there is a home for all. 

4. The people in Amsterdam are LOVELY. Every person I have met in Amsterdam or from there has been such a joker. I have managed to build up a generalised perception from those that I have met, and to me it seems the average person from there is an absolute joker. Everyone was cracking jokes, from the people behind the counters, to the random people we got speaking to, to a good friend I made in Portugal from there too. They seem open-minded and just as though they don't take life too seriously. Which is what it's all about - we're all going to die you know, there is zero need to take any of this too seriously.

5. The food in Amsterdam is wonderful. Of course I was going to mention the food, I'm a vegan foodie who either struggles or stuffs when visiting new cities. In Amsterdam, I managed to thrive; I ate so many nice meals and there were vegan options in most places. They even had a few vegan cafes which I would very much like to check out next time. 

6. It's got heaps of culture. I love a place with something to offer me culturally. Amsterdam is packed with fabulous Museums, art galleries, historic monuments, and scientific excursions. I love the architecture and I adored learning about the history of the place on tours, I am eager to get back and learn some more. I personally don't smoke, but if you went to Amsterdam with that intention solely - I think you'd be cutting yourself short. Amsterdam has so much more to offer than those dingy looking coffee shops with alien-looking stoned men inside, trust me. 

7. It's got fun coming out of it's earholes. Ammy (I am sick of writing it in full now haha) has an abundance of fun in a variety of forms. There's the silly souvenirs and raunchy objects in all the tourist shops for some forced fun with friends. There are lot's of quirky, crazy shows to go and see (not just the sex ones) and there are heaps of interesting Museums. A personal favourite was the prostitution museum in the red light district, it was insightful and interesting to say the least. I can't wait to go back now! Fun, friends and family are my three favourite things in life and it seems I am going to have all three. 

8. The canals: I adore being close to water, it's one of my favourite things in life so the fact that there are lots of cute canals makes it an even better place to be. If you're visiting Amsterdam in the future, I 100% recommend doing a canal cruise. It's the best way to see Amsterdam. In fact, I think the best way to see most cities is by water (if they have it) as it's such a calm and collected way of doing things. 

You can see my original blog post from the last time I was in Amsterdam here and the photo diary here

Ahhh! I am actually so happy to be back on the blogging flex!

Peace out Potatoes. xo

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