Tuesday, 19 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 1 - MEXICO

Day one has mainly just consisted of traveling. I had a ten and a half hour flight, a two-hour wait beforehand, an hour journey there and then a two-hour journey back to the hotel itself from Cancun. Despite being such a long time, it really didn't feel like it. Perhaps it's because I went with a good airline. 

I flew with British Airway's and I loved it. They give you a little pillow and blanket, their in-flight entertainment is very good and they accommodate very well for vegans. I had a tofu and stir-fry, with a side salad and fruit salad for my main (instead of bangers and mash and a bread roll for the meat-eating folk) and I had a salad sandwich with a fruit bag for the second meal (instead of some sort of meat roll and a chocolate cake thing). I have to say, I find it weird that despite being vegan or not, surely everyone wants those nutrients on top of what they're eating anyway? I don't know, maybe not. Drinks on board are complimentary, which was a bummer because I am not drinking alcohol and I felt a little like I was missing out. Then I thought about it, and I realised that even though it felt like it was free, it wasn't. because I would have bought the flight anyway and the flight cost a lot. Also just because something is free, doesn't mean it is healthy, and for me, that is far more important. Health is Wealth.

I watched four films, an episode of family guy, and an episode of Dr. Foster while on the flight. I walked up and down a little bit but it's always a bit awkward to just pace up and down when you're on your own. I sat next to a cute family and the Dad and daughter were doing it together. I also sat next to a lovely couple too, It made me realise that I only feel uncomfortable with solo travel when I'm put in a close proximity to groups and couples in a closed environment. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, and when I hear bickering, I think, thank goodness I came alone haha. I love traveling alone, it gives you time to spend some quality time with yourself and realign you with you. If you ever do feel uncomfortable about solo travel though, my beautiful best friend sent me a beautiful quote about that: 'You never really travel alone, the world is full of friends just waiting to meet you!'' - it's so true and it's exciting!

Flying over Mexico was such an amazing sight! I have never seen so many trees growing like that. I want to say we flew over the Amazon jungle? but I am not entirely sure about my whereabouts at the moment. I will ask someone later on today. It was a truly beautiful sight. I love nature and I love the trees that give us life. 

So, first impressions of Mexico; I love the people, they are so smiley, friendly, hard-working and helpful, just like lot's of my friends from this part of the world. It smells differently to places I have been before. I LOVE hearing all the Spanish music playing and hearing the Spanish language being spoken again. I also love that Mexico just really reminds me of Spain. The buildings, the pavements, the palm trees, the roads, and from the snippet of nightlife that I have seen already; the lifestyle. 

After I arrived at my apartment, I dropped off my stuff and popped to Walmart. American's probably won't understand my excitement for Walmart (I spoke to two American girls about it in the car on the way here), but it's so exciting for me after seeing so much about Walmart after seeing it so much in media, and never having been to the states I haven't seen one before. It is a bit silly to be fair, I think it's the equivalent of being excited to come to England and go to ASDA, but it is okay - life is all about the little things! Ha!

So yeah, I just bought some snacks and of course English tea, I can't live without it and it is so uncultured of me, but I don't care. I love tea. I got a nut-based drink to put with my tea and my goodness, it tastes absolutely delicious. It has three types of nuts in it; almond, cashew, and macadamia. I think they should make a healthier version in the UK. I did look at the ingredients in more detail and I won't be buying it again as I don't like all the extra sweetness they have added, but it tastes like marzipan. Actually, looking at the ingredients, I started to realise I am on a different continent. It's bizarre being here too because I can't shake this strange feeling that I am so close to America, literally America is neighboring the country I am in now, and it's strange. I keep thinking of films where they have taken a vacation in Mexico, and it is all feeling a bit surreal to me. That could be because I am extremely tired too though!

The apartment I am staying in is beautiful. It's called koox apartments (it is linked above) and I am a big fan of the modern look they have gone for. The bed is huge, and I cannot even express how attractive it looked to me after so many hours travelling!

So, I have made it to my destination safe and sound. I have had a positive impression of both Mexico and it's people, and I am looking forward to the Mayan adventure that awaits! 

Peace out Potatoes xo



  1. Woooww!
    Me ha encantado leerlo que ya quiero leer tu nuevo post de tus aventuras por latinoamérica.
    Es grato saber que puedes sentirte acogido en un lugar desconocido , yo espero que lo disfrutes mucho . CuĂ­date Mucho!
    Besoos !


  2. Ahh brilliant, glad you got there safe! Apartment looks amazing! Can't wait to read more about your travels!!



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