Thursday, 28 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 10 - GUATEMALA

Yesterday we travelled from Flores to Rio Dulce. IT was a five-hour drive but the drive was so much fun. We all sang and listened to songs and had the best time together. We were in this multicoloured van playing the beetles and it was true hippie goals! 

After our drive and before we checked into our hotel, we went to a hot springs waterfall. My goodness, it was so beautiful and so chilled. I have been to a hot springs pool in Iceland before and loved it. It wasn't like the one there but it was good. It had a little cave you could swim into opposite the waterfall so myself and my friends swam into that and marvelled at the waterfall in all its glory. There were warm and cold bits in the eater and I loved swimming to find the warmest parts. 

After swimming, I explored barefoot in the jungle, can't say I love the feel of mud on my feet but it's always good to earth oneself. I love that nature gives you everything you need. Hot and cold water, trees for oxygen, plants to eat, etc etc.

After our jungle and waterfall visit, we passed a group of children begging us for food, drink and money. It was heartbreaking, they were scavaging through our rubbish bin for anything they could sell or use. One offered to clean my feet for me, and honestly, I felt so bad for him. There is no way in this life I'd allow a child to clean my feet for me. I bought a coconut and we gave them crisps but it was sad to see. 

Guatemala, like most countries, has a corrupt government, but they are far more blatant with it here. The land is being ruined by huge organisations and the indigenous people are being pushed out of their homes. The government tried to pass laws here on blackmail and child porn being crimes you can pay off. That is how disgusting it has got. 60% of the population are illiterate and they vote after candidates go and give them building materials. 

It's hard to see poverty on such a wide scale and governments that so blatantly don't care for their people, at least our governments try to deceive us and make us think we are free. It doesn't leave us feeling as hopeless as some of these individuals do. 

Today made me realise that veganism is a huge part of it, but actually, there are even bigger problems and far more of them. It's not right that people should be treated this way. I'm going to make a difference and I will make changes, I just need to work out how.

Peace out Potatoes xo


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