Saturday, 30 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 12 - GUATEMALA

Today was a travel day. We left at 8 am and arrived at 4 pm. The ride was fun, I listened to music and read my book for the majority of it. I'm really enjoying the people I have found here. 

I told the universe I was open to more like-minded people in the world, I was and still am ready to meet intelligent, bilingual, interested, educated, conscious, vegan/veggie people and the universe delivered just that! 

When we arrived in Antigua, I instantly fell in love. I feel like I am at home. It reminds me so much of Spain. The women here wear interesting skirts and colourful clothing that almost looks a bit Aztec-like. The streets are so colourful and vibrant. Antigua is a real treat for the eyes! 

Antigua reminds me of Spain and I love it. The streets, the houses and the people are so similar. I can understand the Guatemalan accent very well and everyone I've met so far has told me that I speak Spanish amazingly, and like a native, which is always good to hear. It's funny because you probably wouldn't expect it to look at me, but here I am. It's also funny that the person I portray in Spanish is probably quite distinct to the one I portray in English. 

Our hotel is very pretty, like a little Riad with a garden in the middle and open roof. After we dropped our bags off and showered we headed for dinner at this cool guy's house. Basically, he isn't a restaurant but he opens his home as one for groups. We had local beer and I got an amazing vegan pizza and my friend got vegan tacos which beaut. It was nice to feel the authenticity of a place! The house itself was a bit kooky, with fairy lights, fabric ceilings and a very pretty courtyard. Yeah, I loved it! 

After dinner, we went to a gig in a wacky bar. There were quotes on the wall so one was "El legal" as in "the legal" and the other said in Spanish "nobody is born feeling illegal" which I liked. I'm guessing they smoke a lot of weed in that place hahaha. 

After that bar, we headed to a club for a bit of a boogy. A few locals tried to talk to me but were very respectful, as I know some people are wary of how men act abroad. We danced and sang and then headed to a quieter place for a bit. 

I really enjoyed being out, it meant I got to bond with people I hadn't yet spoken to and it meant I got more time with the ones I'm already close to. I sometimes tend to be a hermit because I think avoiding alcohol and the places where it is consumed is easier, however, yesterday was absolutely fine and very fun! 

Peace Out Potatoes xo


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