Sunday, 31 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 13 - GUATEMALA

Today was spent exploring the beautiful city that is Antigua. I think if like to live in Guatemala in the future! I'd maybe prefer a warmer climate so maybe a different region, but Guatemala has stolen my little heart. 

The corruption of the government is awful but I would hope that I could make a good impact on people's lives here! I want to help people. For a while, I lost that as I was fixing myself, but now I am ready to help others again. I think life is just as much about what you do to others as it is yourself. Also, what's the point of being a selfish sod when you were born into a world full of so many people?! 

We went for pizza and hibiscus drinks. The rest of the gang have gone camping tonight and I miss them already haha. The pizza was so good, but originally we went to a different one and the waiter kept getting it all wrong. The pizza we ended up getting had so much veg on it, and pine nuts! My favourite kinds of pizza toppings.

Antigua is so fricking beautiful. I love looking at the volcanos at the end of the streets and poling up past the buildings. I love all the colours and interesting characters there are to see. I love all the fruit sellers and boutique pizzerias. I love the cobbled streets and pretty buildings. I love the town centre and all the street lights. It's a lovely place and I am very blessed to find myself here!

The birds sing so loud here (I have put a video on my Instagram) and it's nice to hear. Birds singing is a constant reminder that there is far more to life and there is far more of life if we would just care to notice. 

Walking around here was lush but it was also great to head back and have a cosy night in. Which is what I did. My friend Lisa and I (Lisa Lisa, sang like sister-sister, if you're a 90's child, you'll know what I am getting at) laugh a lot. You know when you have those friendships where you understand what one another are saying and find it hilarious when someone outside of that friendship probably wouldn't. I basically followed her around today like a never-ending radio haha. I was hyper and chatty and couldn't stop singing and doing stupid voices. Bless her for being so patient with it me! 

I am grateful for the birds singing, grateful for a shampoo that smells like banana, grateful for hot showers, grateful for clean pressed clothes (o did my washing yesterday it only cost two pounds fifty!). I am grateful for the people I've met and the ones I have at home. I'm very lucky to have who I have at home, although I'm not ready to go home, I am grateful for what I have to return to! I am grateful for all the great meals I've had since being here. Veganism is so easy if you know what you're doing. I am grateful for a nice warm bed to stay in. I am so grateful for my father. I am grateful for decent sunshine. I am grateful to be here!

Peace out Potatoes xxo

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  1. Nice entry of gratitude I love it, I'm so happy you are still enjoying it. Happy new year!


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