Tuesday, 19 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 2 - MEXICO

I woke up at 6 am today (on purpose), I don't feel like I have jetlag at all, perhaps it's because my sleeping pattern is interchanging at home anyway, or perhaps it doesn't feel so bad when you're gaining six hours instead of losing them like I will on the way home. I like getting up early, it means I can watch the world wake up. I watched the sunrise outside the window and wrote a little blog post. I made a nice cup of tea and just enjoyed the peace and quiet of being completely by myself (until 9 am when the neighbours started blasting out the reggaeton and salsa music haha). 

After I showered and got dressed, I popped over to good old Walmart again and bought some fruit. The guy there was so cute, he told me which fruits were good and how to tell when they were ripe. I like speaking to random people. I bought some papaya (it was gorgeous) and some baby bananas. I was tempted to buy an avocado because they are seriously huge here, but I didn't feel like it this morning.

After breakfast, I chilled for a while and took a mooch around the local shops. I have to say; one shop made me laugh a lot. It was sort of run down, with an old white, artificial bald Christmas tree at the front, everything had dust on it and the store was a little understocked. Anyway, I want to get some bracelets from each place I visit here, so I thought to myself 'what better place to spend one's money than a place that's struggling' but I honestly could not find anything I liked. Anyway, I frantically scanned for something I might like to buy and couldn't find a thing, all the while feeling terrible. Then another customer came in and I thought 'oh yay I am encouraging other people to have a look' but he quickly shot out after looking into the corner that was out of my eyeshot. So, I walked around the corner and had a look and the owner of the shop was fully asleep leaning over the back of their chair. Hahaha, I left right then and there before they woke up! It's all good though because they don't seem to mind whether they get rid of their stuff or not! 

I bumped into a fellow solo traveller at the hotel, and we decided to grab a spot of lunch together which was lovely. We had enchiladas and spoke about our backgrounds and future travel plans. I love the people you meet travelling, they're open-minded, like-minded and usually very well travelled and cultured. 

After our meal, we did a spot of shopping, then I headed to the beach for a little bit of 'me' time. I felt like I was going on a little adventure and felt so accomplished when I found the beach by myself. I took a book with me to read by the beach but in all honesty, I could not concentrate on the book! The sea was just so beautiful, so blue and clear with a dark blue horizon. I'm not even sure pictures will ever do it justice. The beaches are spectacular here. It's heaven on earth - paradise on this planet. I had a freezing cold coconut water fresh from the coconut while I was sitting there, and I honestly felt so happy. It's been on my bucket list for a long time to drink a coconut fresh from the coconut in a tropical place. I really do love taking the time to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life! 

Everyone in Mexico greets and addresses you when you walk past, everyone is smiling, everyone is so helpful if you ask them a question and everyone I have met so far has had such kind words to say. I feel almost shocked people are so happy because where I have come from, but why wouldn't they be? They have the beautiful sunshine, breathtaking beaches and exquisite food, why would they ever be miserable? It's funny really, those in the western world sitting in an office think they're the rich ones. Whittling their life away in artificial lighting, staring at stats on a computer, eating shit food and complaining they don't have time for anything. Meanwhile, people in places like Mexico are working, but not as much, in the sunshine, while laughing and eating quality food. I think I can see the true winners of this world, and I know where I am going to end up. There are better ways to live than the ones we are born into. I don't want to live in a cold country permanently and as soon as I have my next qualification, I am following my heart and the sun!

I have really enjoyed my time alone thus far. I like my own company, I like having some time to myself where I don't have to listen to anyone else's opinions or ideas, and really focus on my own, and listen to them. I like how I don't have to feel for anyone else, just my own pure equilibrium of emotions. It's bliss. I like my own little jokes, being left alone with my thoughts and being able to do exactly what I want to do, how I want to do it and when I want to do it. Freedom is our birthright, and I intend on making the most of mine, forever and always. 

A long time ago, I read a quote in a book about Buddhism saying 'just be' it is all we have to do - just be. It's always stuck in my mind but never really resonated with me. I think it's because I am always chasing the next thing, always trying to improve and evolve, and while I think change and growing are positive, I think that sometimes it is nice to just accept yourself, and just be! Everyone at the beach, good job, bad job, on holiday, a resident, were just being. Just riding this little life we find ourselves in right now. It's a nice feeling and I want to feel it more in my life. I need to take off the pressure and stop beating myself up about things like exams or finding more clients, I'll be before that and I'll be here after that, all I need to do is be. 

In the late evening, I met up with my tour group. There are only a few couples, all the rest of us are solo travellers. Everyone so far seems great. Interesting, kind and well-travelled. I am intrigued to see what friendships blossom from this as I can see we have a lot in common! 

I need to sleep now as I am knack-knack, but today has been great and I am excited for what tomorrow may bring!

Peace out potatoes xo


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