Wednesday, 20 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 3 - MEXICO

We visited three amazing places today. First thing, we visited Tulum, the Ancient Mayan ruins. The Maya site used to be known as 'Zama' in Ancient times, meaning 'city of dawn' because it faced the sunrise, however, years later it was renamed Tulum, which means 'fench, wall or trench' in the Yucatan Ancient language because there were walls put there to protect it in later years. It was a port for many years, exporting copper items and importing precious gems and incense. It is on the Caribbean sea, and even after staring at the sea for almost three days straight, I cannot get over the beauty of it. It's the most beautiful ocean I have ever laid my little eyes on! 

I didn't feel how I was expecting to feel at the ruins, to be honest, as in I didn't feel a connection. However, I did find it weird that people in thousands of years to come may be looking at my town and studying what we are doing now. My new friend pointed out that the protected site will probably be a pub and it made me chuckle for a while. I know for a fact future generations will be shocked and disgusted we ever ate animals. They'll probably talk about the fact we drink from plastic bottles too like we now talk about the rich in medieval times eating from lead plates knowing now that it was terrible for their health. 

I would love to live somewhere like Tulum. It was so tranquil and beautiful and a real feast for the eyes! Obviously, I'd rather had lived there when it wasn't a tourist attraction. If I find a location like that in which I can live, I am snapping it up!

After Tulum, we went swimming and snorkelling in some random sinkholes, and it was nothing less than incredible. You could see so far down and the water was crystal clear. You could see the beautiful little fishes swimming around you (why people would want to eat those beauties I don't know) and the boys were brave enough to dive down into the caves and have a look around them. There were two sinkholes, separated by a huge highway road, and people were diving underground between the two! How brave! Mad, but very brave. If I had a diving qualification I may have given it a go, but I don't, I am a complete amateur and death wasn't on my agenda today! 

After the sinkholes, we went to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life. It was like being in a movie. I almost felt like we were at my dining room table and there were a backdrop and some fake sand. Honestly, it is out of this world in this part of the planet. I would love to live here, and it is so idyllic, but I had a wake-up call today. Some drunk, rude man started hurling abuse while we were on the beach, and it made me realise that the people here still have their negative emotions and problems. I don't know how you could live in paradise and behave like that, but then I guess what is so novel to me, could be mundane to him. 

One of my new friends and I took a walk on the beach and had a long heart to heart. She's going through something I went through years ago, and it was so nice to be able to help her. Recently in my life, I have realised that I can help people with my words and I intend on doing it more often. Listening and putting things into perspective for others is my purpose. Elevating and inspiring people sets my soul on fire and I want to do it forever, in any way I can! It was such a lovely walk, one of those moments when you just know you are exactly where you are meant to be at exactly the right time!

We had lunch and fresh drinks on the beach and marvelled at the beautiful ocean some more, then headed home for some much-needed rest bite. Tomorrow is a travel day and we are off to the beautiful country named Belize. I am excited!

I feel so blessed to be on this trip, but any one can do it. Just work those fingers, thumbs and.... b... brains and you can do whatever the frickin' heck you wanna! You just have to know you want to do it, and work towards getting there. Excuses are just barriers your mind makes up. Don't be controlled by the confines of minds. 

Peace out Potatoes xo



  1. Oh my gosh it sounds like you found your soul land!! Is it your favourite country yet you have ever visited? I know what you mean about that crazy, drunk man as to you it's paradise but he doesn't appreciate it as its probably all he's known, similar to us and England. Hope the trip continues this ridiculous high standard!

  2. Pictures look incredible. Love reading your posts, can't believe you've done so much by day 3. Snorkeling sounds amazing!!


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