Friday, 22 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure - DAY 4 - MEXICO - BELIZE

Hey-yo! Today I am writing this post from a beautiful roof terrace overlooking all the colourful houses of Belize, huge palm trees and the blue Caribean sea. A wise man told me last night that in order to manifest what you want in this life, you have to live it. For example, if you aspire to have a house, then you need to go and view your dream houses whether you are there or not. I aspire to work on things I love while being free and in places I love. Which is partly why I am doing these blog posts while I'm here, it's a practice run you see.

So, day 4 was a travel day for me, from Mexico to Belize. It took a private transfer, a local bus (which looked like a school bus), a taxi, and a ferry. We are on a little island off the coast of Belize city. Lots of people were sleeping on the buses to where we had to go, I think lots of people see a travel day as a day wasted but I don't at all, it was just as magical as an excursion day for me!

I love travelling on land, I would agree that plane journies are a waste of a day, but it has to be done, but travelling by land and sea is a love of mine. You get to see so much of a country out of the window and you get to bond with people on the trips. There was a guy playing his ucalaly and singing, everyone was sharing food and it was deep chats galore. I had a nice chat with all the people I was sitting near at different stages of the journey. 

One chat I had begun with talking about all the chores I do and don't appreciate doing, then it went on to talk about how much my Dad did for me. My dad used to iron all of my clothes, right down to the knickers, he'd spend hours doing it so I had nice clothes to wear. He would also put my pyjamas on the radiator in the winter when I was in the bath so I'd be all toasty and warm. Literally, that man was the best gift I have ever been blessed with in this life. The love and care will last forever.

My Dad and his passing will always be a driver in my urge to travel and see the world. I have no fear of death now because he has pathed the way. If you don't have a fear of dying, then you don't fear of living either, and that's the most important thing. To live life fearlessly and full of love is how you succeed your dreams, grow your soul and reach higher vibrational planes. 

Back to my father for one moment, he shaped me into exactly the person I am today, and he did it with love and freedom. He played the biggest part in who I am, but all the people around us shape us into who we are. Everyone that touches your heart has a huge impact on the person you are today. I am so grateful for all the people I have in my life and I am grateful for the person I am sitting here today having had them in my life.

So, driving through Mexico, I learned that there are over 68 recognised indigenous languages throughout the country. I was shocked to learn this, as you'd think it was just Spanish, but it's not. Also, the languages are so different that the people from different places cannot understand one another! 

I also learned a little about the Mayan gods. In Tulum and Chichen Itza, it is super dry, so they have lots of masks of the Mayan rain god 'Chaac' however, in other parts of Central America, they only have one or two because they're not as dry and had more rainfall. I love learning about the different gods in places I visit. Something speaks to me about worshipping nature and the elements, after all if it wasn't for a complete balance of what we have been given by nature, we wouldn't even be here!

If you are thinking of coming to this part of the world, don't let the people at home tell you it is dangerous, Unless they've done the trip, they have no idea. There are lots of farm workers and land people here and trust me, they don't care for your material belongings and they do not want to hurt you, they are focused on their crops and own lives. In the inner cities it may be a different story, but if you're here for nature and visit the touristy parts, you'll be absolutely fine!

I met a beautiful soul here called Danny, and last night at dinner we had a series of long interesting conversations that really helped me to understand and see my own thoughts clearly. Danny has an amazing background story, and he is so open to sharing; He was involved in a car accident as a passenger and got brain damage twenty years ago and he has healed himself in various holistic and creative ways. He makes everyone smile and he has this amazing energy about him that you just cannot help but adore. Danny and I have a lot in common and I am really glad to have met him on this trip. I wouldn't usually write about someone and put their name, but honestly, he has touched my soul a little you know. His music is very good - old school MC styley, which is what I grew up with, and the lyrics are as deep as they come. Listen to his lyrics because they mean the most. From someone who aspires to specialise in Aphasia and brain injury, I am just in awe of the language he uses and how he can play so many instruments. The guy is an absolute legend! You can check out his music here

So, today I am going to do a little exploring on my own, there was an opportunity to go snorkelling, but I'm not really a fan of snorkelling in the sea if I am completely honest, and I want to save my money for better things that you'll see later on this week! 

Stay happy, healthy and wealthy y'all!

Peace out Potatoes. xo


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