Friday, 22 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 5 - BELIZE


Today was just bloody blissful (well, until the end)... I woke up early-ish, wrote a blog post on a beautiful terrace with the birds singing and took myself for a beautiful walk around this little island I find myself in. 

While I was walking, one of the locals stopped me and decided to give me a tour of his island. It was actually such a lovely experience. In another country, I probably would have been scared and refused, but I'm on an island which has about a 3-mile radius, everyone knows one another and there aren't any secluded places. Anyway, he showed me his home and taught me all about his way of life. It was very cute, I learned about the generator in the centre of the town that supplies everywhere with electric and sometimes fails. I learned that this island is already 3 feet under sea level so when there are hurricanes as bad as level '4 or 5' they must all leave the island for the mainland. I learned that they sell coco-cola bottles back for 25 cents. He showed me how he feeds the birds with his hands, how he picks a coconut and how he likes to smoke his weed. At one point I was thinking I have definitely met this dude for a reason and he said 'we haven't met by mistake you know'. He advised me to 'stay slow' (because I was walking slowly when we met) and I've been thinking about it ever since it's so true. Go slow and you'll get there, with anything. Take the pressure off and take your time! 

The local guy and I had a good conversation about Karma. You see, it's not just the karma of what you do that comes back around for you, it's the karma of how you make others feel. Say for example you steal someone's phone, you don't just get your phone stolen. If that person feels a pain because they have photos of a dead loved-one on that phone and miss them, then the person stealing that phone's karma will consist of that pain too. You get what you give, so give wisely! 

So, I decided ages ago that I wanted to give up alcohol, and for some silly reason, I agreed to go to a bar with one of my friends here after dinner (dinner was lush by the way - Lebanese). I was standing in this bar, looking around at all the sad bastards, and I'm sorry that's the only way I can describe it. Standing in some dingy old pub, desperate for attention, downing drinks and trying to look cool dancing. I had about five drinks spilt on me, untold people bumping into me and cringe-y men trying to grind on me. I'm not happy with that in my life. It's no-go now. I left after a short time. One of the girls I was with said 'we'll have to get really drunk!' - Yes, we will have to get out of our minds to ignore the fact this is absolutely shit and remain here. That alone tells me I shouldn't be somewhere haha. It's as if we're programmed to think "let's ruin our liver and brain just to fit in with the other neurotic insecure losers of the world". I can say that, because I've been one - NO MORE. 

I find drinking culture and how people embrace it ridiculous, and that's coming from an ex-pisshead. I find the quotes about alcoholism everywhere scary too. 'Yay we make ourself docile and dumb on the regular' would be more fitting! It's sad, soul-destroying and keeping people on a low vibration. It's weird how people love it so much, but then it's weird that people love diets full of dead animals and secretions too. I'm on a mad one today but I was standing in that club, staring in the face of what no longer serves me with a bunch of strangers trying to drag me down into it with them. No thanks babes, I've got far bigger tofu fish to fry my friend. 

On a lighter note, I went to a yoga class at sunset today. It was wonderful to stretch my body out correctly and practice yoga in such a beautiful spot. It was on the third floor of a wooden building with no windows and just wooden railings, you could see the sea, the sunset and all of the trees ahead. I'm not the greatest at yoga but I did enjoy it today. I plan on using some of what I learned on my own in future! 

I hope you're having a nice start to your weekend!

Peace out Potatoes xo

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