Sunday, 24 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 7 - BELIZE

Today we said goodbye to our little island and made our way to San Ignacio. I got up to see the sunrise and get a blog post up. Oh, my goodness, watching the sun rise over the sea is just the most beautiful experience and I feel really lucky to have had such a beautiful view and experience of it how I did this morning.

The bus from Belize City to San Ignacio takes about three and a half hours, and it is an experience you won't forget. The buses here are like American school buses that have been pimped out. You have to stack all of the luggage in the back seat and wrestle your way in for a seat. The locals have all their things on there with them, so today a woman had a roll of flooring lino with her. They call them chicken buses because they used to put chickens on the top luggage shelves. I have a sneaking suspicious it is because everyone is packed in like the poor chickens that are bred to be violated and abused by those who eat them and their eggs.

The bus journey was really humbling. We went past every type of home you could think of; from shanty style sheds to mansions to concrete skeletons without windows or doors. It made me realise that if people have that little, then they probably don't have a TV, so no comparisons. Which means they're probably just as grateful to get home and climb into bed after a long bed as someone with a huge house. It is humbling to think that they have a lot less than others, but may well have appreciation and gratitude for what they do have. It's also made me realise that I am so grateful for my little home back in England. Basically, being in Belize has reminded me to be grateful for what you've got. For example, you may not have the prettiest of shoes, but at least you have shoes! - and the same goes for everything else! 

My friend Lisa and I (her name is Lisa too haha) went to a little fast food place for lunch and took a wander around town. I haven't had fast food for a while, so a veggie burger and chips were much appreciated. I have had a bit of a painful tummy for the last few days and so it was nice to just eat plain food for today. Plain, comforting food. 

After lunch, we came back and sat on our little balcony and listened to music. Lisa had a few rums and cokes and I had good old alcohol free ginger ale. Fun fact, if you were wanting to quit alcohol, then ginger ale is the perfect substitute because it gives you a warm feeling as you drink it, and it is also super tasty! 

We went for dinner in a group, but I didn't eat anything due to my filling lunch. I got chatting with a few people I haven't spoken to yet and it was really nice. Then we headed back to our hotel, and everyone got some drinks, but I opted to make a good old cup of tea. I haven't had tea in days and it was seriously a real treat to have a lovely cup of char-char. I had it with some Oreos and I loved being confident and happy enough to laugh, joke and engage with everyone that was tipsy and drinking alcohol. I like me better sober. 

I'm actually writing this blog post on the Balcony staring at the abundance of pretty Christmas fireworks they are setting off here! There's constant crackling, bangs and pops right now so it's a good job I am not in bed yet!

I have thought about my Popsicle a lot today, hence the photo of my Dad above. He always made Christmas so special. Every Christmas morning he would blast out the Christmas tunes from his surround system. When we were walking around the town centre, they had Reggae Christmas songs blasting out over the town. Christmas songs are so much better in Reggae form, in my opinion, I wish my Dad would have discovered them, he would have loved them so much too. Reggae was one of his favourite Genres and he liked to get into the Christmas spirit. One year he turned our whole living room into a mini town with fake houses and roads covered in fake snow and one year he decorated the whole house before I came home like Santa's grotto. We spent Christmas together in Spain a few times too, and he would always be such an absolute cutie-pie. 

Thank you for making every Christmas so special & Merry Christmas Daddy-doos, wherever you are in this Universe!

Merry Christmas & Peace out Potatoes xo


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