Monday, 25 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 8 - BELIZE

Today is Christmas day so we wanted to do something special so we decided to go tubing. If you don't know what tubing is, it's basically just going down a river in a little rubber ring. We did this in San Ignacio in Belize and loved it.

First of all, we hiked for an hour through the jungle, we waded through the streams and rivers and made our way to the first cave system. It was amazing paddling and bobbing through the caves. At one point we all turned our headlamps off and just enjoyed the complete darkness and silence. I witnessed some seriously beautiful sights today. Seeing a cave from the inside out is amazing. Viewing all of the vines dangling over the caves were beautiful. The intricate detail of the rock formations is incredible too. 

We went swimming in the lake in the middle of the cave systems and the other three let the fish nibble at their hands and feet (I was too scared). Looking at all the stone, trees, pebbles, and such like made me realise how lucky we are to find ourselves on this plane. Nature has been so kind to us, with rocks full of minerals and iron that make up strong. With trees that provide us with the oxygen, we need and a sun to provide us with heat and vitamin D.

At one point we found ourselves in the middle of a real-life tropical rainstorm. It was magical because it was so warm and refreshing at the same time. We weren't in the rain-forest or anything, we were in a broad-leaf forest. It was so nice having the rainfall on us while we were swimming. I have always wanted to go swimming in the rain. I read once that running water washes away bad energy and radiation. That could explain why I have been feeling so zen and content since!

While we were going through the caves I would swim hard to ensure I didn't float where I didn't want to (tubing can be quite good exercise). I was using my arms a lot and using thought energy on focusing on it, then I realised that my friend was just floating and I realised it was a bit like life. Sometimes we're so busy planning the next step we don't enjoy the ride or remain happy in the moment as we're not present due to worrying about the next thing. It's been noted and I think I need to adapt it to my life! Just go slow! 

After we bobbed and swam down the river, our guide had made us a beautiful vegan lunch, and we ate that in the sunshine. It was so funny watching our guide in his dinky dingy at some points. He was such a kind-hearted man and made a lot of funny jokes. I've laughed so much today and I feel so revived having been out in nature and breathing in that fresh ass prana baby! (Ralph Smart)... I love love loved today! 

We laughed and made the best memories! We're now going for dinner as a group in the town we're staying in, listening to Ben Howard. Oh yes, that's another thing; a few of my Dad's favourite songs came on today and it was so nice to hear them. I haven't felt sad today because this has literally been the most fun Christmas day I have ever had!!! I definitely made the right decision coming away for the first x-mas without my Pa, and actually, I came thinking it would be a one off, but I'd actually love to do it every year from here on out! 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too! 

Peace out Potatoes! xo

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