Wednesday, 27 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 9 - BELIZE - GUATAMALA

I woke up this morning and sat on the balcony and see the world wake up. The world was already wide awake, I have never heard so much noise from nature! There were chickens clucking, grasshoppers humming, birds singing all kinds of tunes, birds squeaking at one another, paraquets whistling, and dogs barking! An orchestra of nature is the best alarm clock I've ever heard.

After we were all ready, we made our way to the Belizean border. It took about three hours or so. We grabbed some breakfast and then went on to Tikal.

Tikal has a selection of Mayan temples and I climbed all of the ones we could. I get a nice feeling about Tikal, although there were human sacrifices, those who were sacrificed chose to be and were happy to die because they thought it was a shortcut to heaven!

The buildings and cosmic knowledge really did get me questioning. Firstly, people always think human intelligence is a linear process. So, people think we gain knowledge and intelligence as we evolve, but I think in some cases, we loose it and perhaps ancient civilizations were more advanced. I also am beginning to question extraterrestrial involvement. Just because it is hard for us to study the universe so if the stories of Mayans being simply humans, they knew a lot more about the solar systems and the sun's movements than an alien perhaps would! I don't think talking about this too much, as I'm not yet educated enough on the topic, and I know we've been conditioned to think the idea of aliens is a bizarre one. It's really not in my opinion, just because the elements are set up the same in other planet systems, doesn't mean there isn't a life that we can't relate to. After all, fish respire with their gills underwater, we can't do that. One of the guides at Tikal said the Mayans didn't have any tools and it just doesn't seem feasible to me. I don't have the answers, but it has definitely all gote questioning! The temples are amazing. They're built in alignment with the solar system and equinoxes. The sun falls directly on top of one of them at sunset and another at sunrise. It's magical and I've been left itching to learn more.

After Tikal, we went hiking in the jungle. It was amazing seeing an animal called the coati running around. They looked like a monkey crossed with a possum or something. Really cute and scatty (like me haha).

I've been to a few botanical gardens on my travels, mostly in Scandinavia and the jungle is exactly like the tropical parts of those. The humidity, the beautiful plants and the orchestra of animal sounds. Breathing in that fresh ass jungle prana is exactly what I am about. I need to live somewhere with more trees, and more sun!
After our hike, we headed to our next hotel, which was in the beautiful place that is "Flores". Flores means flowers and it is in Guatemala, which means the land of trees. So far, I have loved Guatemala - the accent has been easier for me to understand and sounds more romantic to me. This town seems very prestigious and pretty. The architecture is amazing and the roads are perfect, which hasn't been the same in other parts of this region. There is a beautiful, beautiful lake and mountains. It actually reminds my Austrian friend here and I of Austria! It's absolutely beautiful.

So, yes another day, Another successfully happy one! If you'd like to see more pictures and lots of videos, they're over on my Instagram!

I hope you had an amazing boxing day!

Peace out Potatoes!

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