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My friend and I took a little trip to Tenerife back in November and I haven't had the time to blog about it until now. I missed blogging I tells you! It's my creative outlet, my online diary and my memory safe. Tenerife was amazing, I have been several times before, but not since I was a child and it was so nice to get back onto Spanish speaking soil! In this post I am going to write about some of the holiday highlights, there were too many to document but I shall whittle it down for the purpose of my little blog... Now named 'Vegan Vacationist' - I needed to find a name in which the shoe fitted... and I have found the one!
On our first day, we went chasing sunsets and it was such a beautiful sight. Anyone who knows me knows that I love nature in all it's glory and watching a sunset is actually one of my favourite things to do. Yes, it's cliché and cheesy but I really don't care. I like it and I think it's something worth watching. I am still yet to watch sunrise on a beach, but I am sure I would love that just as much! 
A top highlight for me was going Parasailing. It has been on my bucket list for yonks and I am so incredibly happy we managed to do it. I nearly cried while we were up there, and was slam dunked into the water sideways, followed by accidently punching a man in the face when we had to get back onto the taxi boat because I slipped on the side of the choppy waters, but other than that it all went swimmingly well! Ha! This is definitely a spectacular way to see the island in all of it's glory too. You could see all of the beaches, buildings and beautiful landscape. I highly recommend doing this whether you're afraid of heights or not. I was afraid of heights, but I learned in a child psychology class the other day, that the only way to overcome a fear is to face it until you can physically no longer be anxious about it. I'm not one for fears either, they hold you back, get rid of them!     
A holiday is not a holiday without a boat ride in my opinion, My father and I used to make it a tradition to always go on a boat ride abroad, and in later years he had boats of his own. There is something so relaxing about being on a rocking boat, as free as a fish in the open waters. I have mentioned various times on this blog that being close to water makes me so happy and it's even better when you're in it or on it. The boat ride was so amazing because we saw lot's of dolphins and whales on the trip. I wasn't expecting to see that many so close up to be honest. It's so nice to see them free in their natural habitat. I would never, ever pay to go to an aquarium or zoo, so this is the only way to see those beautiful creatures in awe. There were so many children on the boat who were acting like it was a pirate ship, which kind of added to the magic of the day too. 
Oh my goodness! We went to a Medieval Banquet! I have wanted to go to the one in London for so long, but I have a feeling entertainment-wise, this one was much better, especially for Michael, he didn't stop chanting at the battles! The banquet was cute because they brought me out a vegan meal to replace the chicken mean they had supplied for everyone else. There were unlimited drinks and the opportunity to buy beer if you wished. I am not keen on watching people control and ride horses, and that is coming from an ex-equestrian. It's sad to watch and we shouldn't be 'breaking in' these beautiful, wild creatures. Anyway, I started to really enjoy the show when the men were on foot. There were sword fights, lots of acting and a fire breathing show. The crowds were roaring and squealing with glee when the soldiers came out to see us all. It really was a night to remember and I am glad we experienced this.
One of the days of our holiday was spent completely by the pool. A pool day with Bae keeps the doctor away - that's what I say - yay. That's all I've got. Anyway, a pool day is such a lush way to spend the day. Especially if you're all inclusive because it also means you need not worry about heading back to your apartment to prepare food. Speaking of going all inclusive, it was nice, but I don't think I would want to do it again. For me, all inclusive means drinking a lot more than I ordinarily would (if I would at all) in order to 'get your money's worth' and it also means you don't really eat what you want, when you want. Whereas when you're choosing different restaurants each night, you can choose which culture's cuisine you would like to enjoy that evening instead of being given what you're given so to speak. 
We spent our final day in the resort's Spa and it was so luscious. I am all about that Zen life, so having a massage followed by a few hours in the Jacuzzi was right up my street. I thoroughly enjoyed spending this time with Michael and treating my body to some true relaxation!
Another trip highlight for me was star gazing on the rocks outside a club called Papagayo (It means parrot, I think specifically a macaw, and colloquially it means chatterbox, which suited me to a Tee). Anyway, we climbed on this rocks where there was barely any light pollution and looked up the stars and it was honestly incredibly. I'm a bit of a universe geek anyway, but aesthetically it was also super pleasing to the eye. I think that's the most at ease I've felt in the long time, in the pitch back, hearing the waves, laying on a rock that's full of beautiful energy and away from other humans. It was bliss. I do not recommend doing this if you're tipsy or don't have a torch by the way! 
Tenerife was delightful. Our hotel was beautiful, the excursions we chose were amazing and it was so nice to be back on Tierra Española (Spanish Land). The best of memories were made too. That is what life is all about for me, making memories and experiencing new things! 

Peace out Potatoes xo


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