Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Bonjour 2018. ♥

 Surround myself with the right people. 
I need to hang out with more people that inspire me. I hate to admit it, but very few people in my life right now inspire me. I am going to make more friends who are vegan, inspiring and going somewhere with their lives. I want to feel charged and inspired after I spend time with people. Hey, if not, I’d rather be a loner. I don’t want to spend my time with surface individuals. I like deep, interesting and wise people who add a little something to the dynamic of this little life I have been blessed with. I’m talking bilingual bunnies, I’m talking fitness inspirations, intelligent indigos and vegans who are already woken. I have realised I need to stop taking advice and criticism from those who aren’t even in a position I would aspire to. I NEED to be surrounded by those that inspire me and can show me how to get to a place in which I would like to be, so that’s what I shall do! I am looking to attend far more vegan fairs and events. I want to hang out with more vegans, meet more vegans and do more vegan things.

No Alcohol 2k18. 
I really cut down my drinking last year at points and drank a lot in pockets. It just doesn’t do me any good and I don’t know why anyone would allow something that brings you down, to stay around. It dampens my spirits, slows me down and makes me anxious beyond belief. It’s time to stand up, grow up and really go for what I want to achieve, and that’s a life alcohol-free. If it means losing a few friends along the way, then so be it. I need to do this for myself.

 Cut down the oil.
I would say I eat a lot more oil now I am vegan then I did before. When I first went vegan, I was on a completely whole foods diet and I want to get back to that right now. I don't like how all the alternatives make me feel, and I know it's the sheer mass of oil in this processed food. No oil is good to ingest, in my opinion. I know processed food isn't good for me so I don't know why I have allowed it to be in my life for so long! I have put on weight in the past year or so. I really think it is from trying out these alternative products that contain so much oil and quite frankly, I'm done with that now.

Stop mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and Youtube. ♥
Don’t get me wrong, I love insta and YT. They are a source and pool of knowledge and inspiration most of the time, but I am finding that they are my biggest procrastination stations too. I need to be more conscious of how long I’m wasting on these things. Apparently, you can get an app timer to stop it, but I might just put my phone away while I do other things from now on and leave my phone at home from time to time. It doesn’t serve me anymore.

Continue to wake up at 4:30/5 am every day. ♥
I have been doing this for the whole of December and no word of a lie, it is helping me no end. I get far more work done, I get more time with Riley, more time in nature, I feel better, I have more time for healthy food, more time for exercise, more time to blog and just generally more me time alone in peace and quiet while the rest of the world is sleeping. It means I get to see the beautiful dawn, which I wouldn’t otherwise and I’m excited to have a summer of this. It’s another reason to quit alcohol because it means I won’t be able to do this consistently. 

Get into a consistent fitness regime and stick to it. ♥
I love exercise after I have done it, it’s just doing it and finding things that don’t bore me shitless. I love canoeing, going to trampoline parks, bike rides, swimming, and similar outdoorsy type activities. I am realistic about these not always being feasible so I have joined the gym. I love spin class, Pilates, and personal gym time. I am planning on keeping more of a routine in my life this year so this will all slot into place.

This year, I am letting go of everything that no longer serves me. I am not at the mercy of anyone else. I want to free up my time and energy for things that best serve me. Basically, a positive routine and consistency are what this year is going to be all about. 2018 will be packed with dedication, innovation and most importantly - inspiration!

Peace out Potatoes xo

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