Saturday, 6 January 2018

My Central American Adventure: DAY 20 - NICARAGUA

Today I woke up and treated myself like I would if I'd just had a bad day at home, I had a long shower, did my hair, my toes, shaved my legs, and just made myself feel pampered. Honestly, the emotions I was feeling yesterday were not good, until that Dutch girl really saved the day and made me feel positive about all this again! Bless her, I'm going to let her know how much she helped me in my times of trouble!

I would describe myself and have been described by many as an empath, so for me, the company I keep is a vital factor in my emotional balance. When I am around those who say unkind things and are full of fear I can feel the energy lowering within me!  However, when I'm with people who have a can-do attitude and have positive things to say, and ones that have their own balance within - I feel it too. I feel balanced, whole and happy when I am by myself usually so I'm guessing that is the feelings I gain from within. Which I'm pretty proud of considering I could have chosen differently at many points in my life.

The girl I am travelling with and I have spoken a lot about age and what it means. Personally, I believe it's the journey as opposed to the age someone. You can get mature 19-year-olds and closed-minded 90-year-olds who judge life from their perspective only. The girl I'm with said that she didn't expect someone of my age to be enjoying life as much as I am and that at her age she wasn't so self-assured and confident and didn't enjoy her life with travel etc. That's fine, but my journey has been very different to that of her perspective. Most people see their parents suffer and/or die later in life. I was watching that since I was 16, and I know I always talk about it, but being that close to death really teaches you how to live! Why should I care what people think? I'm happy doing what I'm doing and I ensure I don't hurt another being in doing so.

I've been asked, well I would describe it as "confronted" a lot about veganism in the past few days. Conversations which drain me slightly because after all this time I have had them far too often. I think if you're a non-vegan questioning a vegan's lifestyle choices; you might want to educate yourself first on the meat and dairy industry, the corruption involved, the pharmaceutical industry, human and animal anatomy, stress hormones and what they do to your body, the cruelty involved in these industries, the impact of farming on people and the environment, nutrition and what is actually in the food you eat.

Walking around Granada today has been an absolute dream. The buildings are beautiful, the people are smiley and there is so much life in the streets. Right now I can hear people chattering, bells ringing, reggaeton music playing, birds singing, cars zooming, market vendors shouting, horses trotting and reggaeton music playing! I love the chaos of certain places, it adds to the charm!

After exploring Granada, and going to a great place called "soy wok", we went on a boat trip of the islands and I tell you, I am once again in love with life. A monkey called Lucy jumped on to say hi and steal food! Monkeys are so sweet, I was fascinated by how she moved like a really flexible human being. She ran around like a mini maniac and it made my heart warm. We also watched the sunset on the boat and it was gorgeous. I am at my happiest on a boat and in nature. The volcanos, waves and greenery made me whole again and I'm back to my chirpy self!!!

You can buy an island tour from all the tour agencies here in Granada and if you ever find yourself here, I suggest you do! We both really loved it and being out there has made me see what I want from a future home.

I saw komorebi like never before today, through the beautiful palms, behind the volcanos and through the palm trees. I am so lucky to be here and I really appreciate and feel grateful for the fact I get such wonderful opportunities come my way!

I love Granada, not so much that I want to live here like I do Antigua, but enough that I might return one day. It's very pretty and it has a mixture of all the things I love. I think I've learned a few lessons from this part of my trip to be honest. The first is to do your research before you arrive, especially in hostels. The second is that you still get sad when travelling so just treat it as you would at home and the third is a reinforced lesson, but everything changes with your attitude. If you're happy, happy things will happen!

Peace Out Potatoes xo


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