Monday, 8 January 2018

My Central American Adventure: DAY 21 - NICARAGUA & COSTA RICA

I feel like a true nomadic gyal today! I threw away some of my clothes and beauty products. They're weighing me down and I'm not even using them. To be honest this morning, the thought of going home fills me with dread. I'm already looking at other tours and future travel plans for this summer and next Christmas! My next loves are South America and Asia! I'm starting to think I should stop wasting my money on little trips to Europe and just save it for big ones like this! 

The woman with curly hair was so rude checking us out of my hostel today. We stayed in oasis and I do not recommend. It's clean and quirky, I'll give it that and the kitchen staff are wonderful and sweet. The woman in reception was incredibly rude this morning though and it has left a bitter taste in my mouth. They ask for dollars to pay the room but then don't have the correct change for dollars. Listen, this is simple business rules when working with money - have the right change. The woman was rude to both my friend and I and proceeded to ignore me after I went out and got some change for myself. If I hadn't have spoken Spanish I may have had to play by her stupid rules. To be honest, it's rounded off Nicaragua how it started it for me. I won't be back here in a hurry! If you're travelling Central America, I suggest coming here first so you have nothing to compare it to. I much preferred all of the other countries I've been to so far too so if you're on a budget or in a hurry, I'd give this one a miss!!! 

The islands were amazing though so if you are here, I'd recommend those. The volcano tour up the Masaya was so small in altitude compared to those in Antigua. There was also a white city tour too, which takes you to pottery makers etc. There were lots of trips like this and more though in Guatemala and I always felt safe. The people were so warm in Guatemala too. 

I feel a bit bad for being negative about Nicaragua because it is an up and coming country and economically it's in the second to worst place in Central America. However, basic accommodation I can deal with, dirty I cannot. Taking care I can deal with, but feeling completely unsafe I cannot. Civil customer service I can deal with, blatant rudeness, I can not. 

It's okay though, we find places we love and places we don't love as much while travelling. It's all part of the journey and it helps to mould you as a person and your future plans for something you love. 

There were some lovely people here obviously, but I think the exception proves the stereotype. I'm currently sitting in the bus garage and in all honesty, I am so happy to be leaving. I don't know how I'll feel in CR, but I do know it's got more activities for me to do and it's one step closer to home which brings me some comfort because there are direct flights back to London from there. I don't want to go home yet, but home is a million times better than what I've just experienced.

Sometimes we travel maybe to appreciate home even more! I will never take my kitchen to myself for granted, never take my bathroom with a clean white bath for granted, never take my cosy living room for granted, never talk wonderful customer service for granted, never take amazing vegan alternatives for granted and most importantly never take feeling happy and safe with all my loved ones around me! I never want to be a complacent human but travel makes you realise how lucky you are to have a home!

So, I got the bus from Granada to Liberia in Costa Rica. The bus driver missed the stop and didn't even give an option to get off. So I told him I needed to get to Liberia, so he left me on the side of a highway! I cried my eyes out of my head. Seriously, it was terrifying. I was walking along for so long on my own and it was so scary. Eventually, after walking in the scorching sun for 45 minutes, I got to a security hut and the guy there offered to call me a taxi bless him. Then I got into the taxi and didn't know it was even a taxi, but the guy turned out lovely in the end. So, yes if you're travelling from Nicaragua to Costa Rica via TICABUS, this is something to bear in mind. One driver was really concerned and the other could not give a s*@t!

Then I rocked up at my new hostel, and I felt one hundred percent at home instantly. I was put in a room with a girl and synchronicity was at its best. She just came from the same place as me, she felt the same way about it, she's vegan, reading the same book as me and comes from a similar parenting background. 

My new vegan friend and I popped into the supermarket and it was like a vegan utopia. The bottled water in Nicaragua was awful, they all tasted like chlorine and gave me a bad throat. Here the water is perfect. There were so many vegan products to choose from which made me so, so, so happy. There were so much fruit and veg and heaps of vegan products from cheese to mayo to alternative meats. For me, because I am so set on my ethos and so in love with the vegan lifestyle, I wouldn't ever bend the rules, which sometimes means only eating Oreos or crisps on the road. It just means that when I do eventually get back to places which have decent alternatives and a wide range of fruit and veg - I am even more grateful for it! I appreciate it more and enjoy it ten times harder than I would if it was constant! I see it as my reward for sticking to my guns.

I'm sitting here writing this post like the cat who got the cream. I have a cup of tea with soya milk in hand. I found cacao and coconut vegan cookies. I made it to Costa Rica all by myself! I have had so many wonderful experiences so far on this trip. I'm having the best conversations with my new roomie about all types of topics. I feel so at home where I am staying (Nanku hostel). I am happy with the little homely things. I am happy because I had a hemp burger with vegan cheese for tea. I am happy because I'm in a country I love already. 

Peace Out Potatoes xo 


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