Tuesday, 9 January 2018

My Central American Adventure: DAY 22 - COSTA RICA

I just saw a man who owns the Hostel I am staying in whistle over another man who works here, whom I have already befriended, to mop the floor for him. I did not appreciate this one bit, but then the man who whistled him over fell over hahaha. Instant Karma baby, I love to watch it. Even if you're someones 'superior' - never, ever get too above your station and treat anyone as anything less than human, or karma will come straight at you, for realsies. Whistling at someone is treating them as if they're a dog who doesn't use the spoken language is just cruel and unnecessary. The poor guy didn't make eye contact afterwards. Also, if you even tried to treat someone like me like that, you wouldn't have any staff!

OK, so the other man just said to him when the other customers left, 'hey it doesn't cost a lot to talk instead' and it made me smile. I love that he has a job where he is comfortable enough to say how he feels and say how it truly is. Lovely Jubbly. The guy is such a sweet, gentle soul as well and you can tell he does a lot for this place and 100% should be appreciated. I also think the other guy didn't realise how he came across, but I saw lessons learned and unravelled before my eyes today! 

Oh my goodness, I have had the best day here, just chilling and doing my own little thing. I walked to a church and lit a candle for my Dad and my best friend's Dad, as it's his birthday. I LOVE being in a hot country. My time here is confirming to me that I cannot live in a cold country longer than I need to. I love letting my hair dry in the sun and just walking out in shorts and a T-shirt. Seriously, this is the life! This life is for the taking and it's the one for me! 

I initially felt a bit bad for having a relaxed day today, but then I realised that I didn't need to feel bad because actually, if that is what makes me happy today, then that is what I should do. I am tired of dragging my things to the next place and the next, for now, I just want to be still and enjoy a calm place with no pulls. I am going to do a bit of revision in a minute and read my book after that in a pretty hammock outside. 

I love the people here, so far I have met two musicians, an artist who had made all her own jewellery, another vegan girlie, a tarot reader, a yoga teacher and a girl who works online. I also met a whole Canadian family and got on with all of them, and they invited me to Canada! They were all so sweet and friendly! Literally, this is my new happy place and I feel so inspired being around like-minded and interesting characters. It feels like a dream it's so perfect for me!

The Yoga teacher is teaching us a free private class tomorrow morning and I'm rather excited about it! 

Peace Out Potatoes xo


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