Thursday, 11 January 2018

My Central American Adventure: DAY 23 - COSTA RICA

I spent the day not doing much at all, to be honest, myself and a few others tried to make our way to "Playa de conchal". I say try because we were unsuccessful. The buses are so disorganised here in Costa Rica! None of the bus drivers were not helpful and the ticket box staff and passengers were just saying so many different things, it got confusing! 

The people I was with were so cool. We have a forest firefighter from New York who knows so much about fitness and travel, she has travelled to every corner of the earth and understands my views on needing to move around. We had a French vegetarian girl who is obsessed with meeting people and going on random adventures. She's like a character from a romantic novel. She's so quirky and dresses in super eccentric clothes full of colour, flowers and feathers. She hasn't worked a normal job or been home in SEVEN years! She paints art and makes jewellery for people in exchange for accommodation. She cleans, cooks or house sits too. She has an adventure every day and her eyes sparkle with life. I'm not sure I could lead such an unconventional life, but I admire it 100% and I aspire to have some of what she has! Like the unpredictability, the cutting of costs, the freedom and the constant adventures. 

The rest of us are vegan, it's weird to think that we were the ones who outnumbered the others for once ha. Even people that aren't veggie who travel a lot seem to be more open-minded about it. I love it when I meet vegan men, it restores my faith in having the future I would like for my family with someone. People keep trying to tell me this isn't a big deal - well guess what - it absolutely 100% is for me. I love meeting people who have as much respect for animals, themselves, other humans, and the planet as I do. I love being surrounded by people who are on my wavelength and get what I'm about. 

There's one girl who works two months a year, earns her money and travels for the next, I am so down for a set up like that! When I think of the mundane confines of a nine to five I literally want to be sick in my shoes. What are people playing at? Life is for living, not enslavement. People constantly make up excuse after excuse about why they shouldn't live right now, and it bores me. If all these wonderful people I meet on my travels can build lifestyles like this, then so can anyone! 

I went for dinner with my new Israeli friend and it was so interesting and fun. I haven't really met many people from Israel and I enjoyed learning more about the culture and political policies there. He thought it was nice too because I haven't been warped by the news that portrays the country in a bad light because I refuse to watch the news designed to depress and repress us. I've wanted to go to Israel for the longest time, but now I want to go even more so. Apparently the town my friend is from is the most vegan friendly in the world, and the climate and nature there sounds like a bit of me. I would love to go star gazing in the desert and floating in the dead sea! 

I've had such a simple but nice day, I have felt so at home all day too because of the people I've been with. Home isn't a place, after all, it's a feeling. Here's how I'm feeling about going to my true 'home'; I don't want to. I do however need to finish what I set out to finish; I need to finish my degree, so I'm thinking to myself. Term times are only 10 weeks long with a week holiday between, the next one is a placement which is just a month, and then 20 weeks and a month and 20 weeks and a month. That is the only time I really need to be spending in the UK for the next few years, and I'm okay with just that for now. If I go somewhere more long-term (e.g. three months) I can bring Riley with me too. I love my dog and I don't want to abandon him. I also know he would love these places packed with nature as much as I do! 

I designed my life to fit in travel and work towards being as free as I can be and being drawn to London isn't helping me feel free, however, I believe in balance and I know I'll be off as soon as I can! 

Peace Out Potatoes xo


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