Thursday, 11 January 2018

My Central American Adventure: DAY 24 - COSTA RICA

Today we were taken to Rincon de la Vieja national park just an hours drive outside of Liberia. It cost $20 to get there by shuttle and $15 to get into the park itself and I would say it is well worth it for what you get to see. People told me not to stay in Liberia as there was nothing to do, but I actually quite like all I've done so far.

Hiking was treacherous but so worth it. We hiked for three hours there and three hours back. Using trees as handrails and rocks and boulders as nature's stairs. It was so worth it once we got to the lake and had a beautiful swim. I love being in nature. I kept looking at the huge rocks and fallen tree trunks and thinking of them as earth's bones! The terrain we covered was amazing, dry desert patches, lakes, and jungles too!

The twigs of a tree snap just as easily as some human bones and for some reason that stuck in my mind a bit. I love the sound in nature when you're far enough away from humans that you can only hear the birds and your heartbeat.

With every step I take in this warm, exotic and beautiful country, I realise more and more that I need to live somewhere like this. I'm definitely drawn to Costa Rica or Guatemala, but I'm also open to other places with warm climates and amazing nature like this!

We saw a rattlesnake, lizards and monkeys on our walk. I really missed Riley today, I wish he could be walking with me in these jungles, he would be in his absolute element! This is my place and I am so happy. At one point my friend starting playing music and singing along to it, I really had the feeling that I was living a once in a lifetime memory! 

I moved to a different place because I already made the reservation for the hotel I am now in months back, but I really miss my hostel 'Nanku' - I actually swear to you, it is the best hostel I have ever stayed in. Nanku means 'well/safe/fine' in some Indian languages and our host said it means 'home'. It's not surprising that it means 'home' because that is exactly what it feels like. They look after you in there and make you feel loved. I miss it and I'm only a couple of metres away (the hotel I'd booked is a minute away ha). Where I am right now, looks great aesthetically, but it's soulless. The staff aren't as warm and I don't feel particularly comfortable here, to be honest. Hostel Nanku is my favourite all the way! 

I had planned on going to Monteverde tomorrow, but TUI has been extremely annoying with my flight so now I have zero ideas as to what is going to happen. I could end up travelling longer I suppose and losing money, however gaining experiences. They might help me. I just do not know. It's rather annoying in all honesty, but here we are. 

In other news, I am grateful to have a bed and be in a safe environment right now. I am grateful for all the people I have met on this trip, especially my friend Lisa. I am grateful that when I eventually get back to England, I'll be able to have a hot bath and/or shower. I am grateful that I had a nice big cup of tea today. I am grateful that the owners of hostel Nanku have made me feel welcome and let me hang out there even though I don't have reservations there right now. I am grateful to have friends at home I can contact. I am grateful to have books for me to read tomorrow. I am grateful to be alive and well. I am grateful to have legs to hike and eyes to see the views. 

Peace Out Potatoes xo


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