Friday, 12 January 2018

My Central American Adventure: DAY 25 - COSTA RICA

I haven't done a tonne with my life today. I went on another mini hike and walked around a bit but other than that I have been inside reading and chilling out. At first, I felt super guilty because you're meant to be making the most of travelling and making it extraordinary, however, I think that sometimes, it's okay to just absorb a little bit of the culture and sit back for a bit. 

I love walking around here, everyone greets you and asks how you are. It's something that's been lost in England and it's a real shame! It makes you so much happier walking along the street and saying hello and smiling at all the happy people. It's kind of rude not to acknowledge another human's existence in my opinion, but people always think I am weird when I talk to them in London! 

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my Popsicle's passing. It's so bizarre to me that a whole year has passed already! I have cried quite a bit today to be honest. It sometimes seems so unfair that I've never lost anyone before this, and the first person I did lose was the most important one to me. I feel like no one will ever compare to him and I will miss him for the rest of my days. 

I thought because it was the anniversary of his death, I needed to live for the both of us and do something drastic, and then I remembered. Before my Dad died, he told me he realised the beauty in the little mundane daily things. So, what I might consider boring, he may have loved. Things like going for a walk in the sunshine, glancing at the products in the supermarket and reading a book while hanging in a hammock. He would have loved all of those things and I did them all today! 

Quite frankly I do feel sad, and I will let myself feel that. He was my favourite and the closest person I had to me. He was home to me, and without him I am homeless. While I don't make a habit of moping around and feeling sorry for myself, I also feel my feelings are worth being acknowledged instead of pushed down or ignored. I shall allow myself to feel whatever I need to feel and I will help myself to feel better too. 

I had planned on a trip to Monteverde, but with the unpredictable buses and unlikely chance I'll get to where I want to go smoothly, I have decided to stay put until my journey home. 

I am so tired writing this, I guess today's lessons are: *It's okay to just be and not do anything. *It's okay to feel sad from time to time and let it out and embrace it, and *It's okay to do whatever feels right for you in every moment.

Peace Out Potatoes xo


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