Monday, 15 January 2018

My Central American Adventure: DAY 27 - COSTA RICA

So, after almost 24 hours of crying my twinkly little eyes out pretty much consistently. I woke up this morning, brushed myself down and cheered myself up. I planned my special weekend for my best friend's birthday and what we are going to do, I started planning a girlie weekend with some of my friends and I headed to the beach. 

First, I moved back to the hostel that made me feel at home and ended up having a chat with my hostel host about my dad. He's such a good Dad to his kids so his words meant a lot. He reminded me that I could cry but ultimately my Dad would just want me to be happy! It sounds cliché but it's true. My dad wouldn't want to see me cry like this too often, but earthly him would have been insulted if I didn't at all! hahaha! 

We spoke about why I so urgently yearned to be by the sea. The sea revives me, the sand helps cleanse me and the sunshine gives me my shine. My host was saying that he always comes back a new man after being in the sea because it cleanses his soul. I love my host, he radiates love, positivity and wonderful vibes. He told me I am a shining light and it made me a bit fearful that he has seen that in me so soon. I don't know if I should have made more of my time in Costa Rica or not, but I do know I am so glad I stayed in this place. This positive oasis full of my type of people. Like bees to a honeypot, everyone has been a specimen of love and creativity.

I made friends with an old man today. His eyes were so sparkly and brown and he reminded me of my dad drinking his coconut water and looking all cheeky. I can't explain why our interaction helped me so deeply, but it did and I'm so grateful for that. 

I'm going to embrace my next few days. I am going to get in the sun as much as possible, eat as much traditional food as possible (rice, beans, tortilla and plantain chips). I'm going to drink coconut water from the coconut. I am going to listen to as much Latino music as I can and I am going to speak and listen to as much Spanish as I possibly can too. I'll make the most of my next four days for sure. 

I'm going to miss hearing little Spanish kids, why do they sound so much cuter in Spanish? I heard this little girl screaming "Mama Donde estas?" in the supermarket and it made my heart melt instead of freeze over haha! Then on the bus, a little kid was singing and it wasn't irritating at all. It was the cutest! 

When I arrived at the beach, I went for a long stroll along the shore, took a dip and took myself to a nice spot of lunch. The sound of the waves has to be the most relaxing sound given to this life. There was so much wildlife at the beach. I saw a monkey climbing the telephone lines, an iguana taking a stroll and lots of birds running in and out of the waves on the shore. I love hearing them all squawk and sing. The sound of the birds really does remind me that life does go on, and not always in ways that one would imagine. 

After the beach, I got in a 'taxi pirata' (pirate taxi) back to my hostel. A pirate taxi is basically a minibus that comes before the public bus and charges you a little extra for the comfort and speed of the service. I was back home in half an hour instead of an hour and a bit. It was a lot of fun talking to all the locals in there as well.  

It's so strange when I look back on my alone time. I am so happy and secure in my own presence. I love being around people just as much, sometimes maybe more, but I love my little days out to myself too. It always amazes me how I do all these things alone when I look back too. How do I even get myself around half the time? I'm as ditsy as they come! Ha!

I loved getting back to the hostel, I had a cuddle with my French artist friend (she's absolutely amazing). I spoke to some new people and I spent some time pottering around doing things like my washing, I feel so at home here. If Riley was here with me, I'd probably never leave.

Today has taught me the importance of treating yourself and taking yourself on nice days out. It refreshes you emotionally and mentally! 

Peace Out Potatoes xo


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