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My Central American Adventure: DAY 28 - COSTA RICA

I had a dream last night that I was travelling around Iceland (I met an Icelandic boy yesterday) and I was staying in this huge mansion there. My twin and I (I don't have a twin in real life) had this weird bunk bed that was literally in the clouds so when you looked down all you saw was clouds but I knew the floor was under it somewhere. I climbed down through the clouds, to of course find my dad. He was ill though, =-( I don't know why he's gone back to being ill in my dreams? I am open to meeting someone who knows a lot about interpreting dreams and the psychology of them! I've dreamt so much since being here in Central America, and I love it. It's like my body is in a better biorhythm to dream! 

I spoke to someone about their dreams the other night and he was saying he only dreamt about work. He did have a high-pressure job so it's probably why but he was saying how boring his dreams are compared to mine. I mean, it could be that my brain is a bit more imaginative than his, or it could also be our routines. I don't ever allow myself to get stuck in a monotonous routine, so maybe that has something to do with it! 

This morning, I woke up at 4:30 and knew that I needed to make the most of my day, so I did. My host (who is the cutest person on Earth) drove me down to the adventure park. His little girl came with us for the journey, and she was the cutest little pickle. She asked her Dad how things were when he was little, and I felt really honoured to be there when she asked that question to be honest. She asked me why I was sad the other day and her Dad explained that we all have our ups and downs, but the important thing is that we always return to happiness. I don't feel jealousy when I am with father's and daughters, I feel warm and happy for them. I had the greatest father for me, and I feel nothing less than happy. I am just happy that others get to experience such a wonderful bond and unique love. 

When I got to the adventure park, which is called 'Canon de la Vieja', in case you're interested. I paid $75 and it meant I could do any of the activities I wanted! There were so many activities to choose from; horse riding, zip lining, kayaking, water rafting, tubing, a spa, swimming, rock climbing and canopying. I chose zip lining, water rafting, a visit to the spa and swimming in the river. My upper body strength isn't strong enough to rock climb the boulders they had there, but I have set it as one of my intentions to get physically strong enough to see such a course as a piece of cake.

Horse riding is definitely something I miss when I saw the horses I instantly missed the bond I used to have with horses growing up. I miss wandering through the fields on a horse and picking up speed with the wind speeding by. However, I am not unrealistic in the realisation that horses hate it. They are nothing less than prisoners and it's just so cruel. They have a mouthpiece attached to the reins so you can control them because it's so sensitive there, they will have to go where you say because they are in pain otherwise. They have a hot and heavy saddle strapped on their backs and a girth wrapped around their belly, and we all hate belts for too long right? Am I right? Then they have big old lumps of humans sitting on their backs and kicking them. Nope, I don't agree. I loved it so much, but I'd much rather walk beside a horse than sit on one. 

Anyway, I digress, ziplining was rather intense. As someone who gained a fear of heights the first and last time they went on a zip line, I was a little nervous, to say the least. I don't ever think you should avoid things because you are scared though, so I did it. I asked the guide to come with me on a few of them, but I did the majority of them on my own. It was so amazing soaring through the sky, it actually does feel like you're flying. The view of the canyon and river was just impeccable! I feel so lucky to be having such wonderful experiences like this you know?!

After zip lining, I went water rafting with a bunch of other people. We all had our own guides at the back who steered for us while we went plummeting downstream. It was so much fun racing over the mini waterfalls and smashing our way through the rocks. I love being by and in water so much that anything that involves these things excites me, but this was extra fun! My guide and I had a nice little chat and then we caught a glimpse of some white-faced monkeys in the trees! The wildlife here would never get boring to me. I love seeing all these animals just moseying around without a care in the world!

After rafting, we had lunch, which was actually amazing. I always get worried about buffet lunches in case they don't have any vegan options or in case they aren't fresh, but I was the first one in and alas, there were so many vegan options. I got some pumpkin soap, yuka chips, salad, grilled vegetables, rice, beans and plantain. I said to myself I wanted to eat traditional food yesterday, and it is exactly what I am doing. 

I was thinking about this earlier, I always fulfil my intentions, but they're usually on a small scale, like getting what I want to eat for example. So, this year I am going to work on making larger intentions and accomplishing those because I'm pretty sure it works the same for both big and small intentions.

After lunch, I went to the hot springs and spa they have at the resort. First I smothered myself in mud, then I showered and then I swam it off. The mud smells like egg, so my guess is that it is a volcanic sulphate mask, which I have tried in Iceland too. I spent hours swimming in the river there, as I had it all to myself. I then laid on the rocks to dry and ended up falling asleep! 

I have always had a theory that rocks mineralise whatever it is they come into contact with. So, I love earthing (walking bare feet on earth). I love cooking on stone cookers and I love laying on rocks when my pores are open. After I had dried myself and had a sleep on the rocks, I can only describe myself as feeling totally revived. I think this must be where the idea of hot stone massages come from. I felt like the rock was one of those wireless chargers that charge your phone with, and I felt like I was the phone. When I got up, I felt so energised and recharged, and I'm still feeling it now!

Swimming cleans up my mind, soul and body. It makes me so happy. My favourite places to swim are freshwater lakes/rivers/streams with calm waters. I always seem to notice in these places how the Earth has a definite cycle to it. The stones grow hair, just like humans do and eventually we will be part of the earth that then forms the rock. 

While sunbathing and relaxing on the rocks, I realised how much I have grown to love and accept myself. I used to hate my pale skin and how the sun reflects from my knees, but now I love it. I love that I am different and a pasty. It's only society that tells us tanned skin is the most beautiful, sure I think it's beautiful, but I think every skin tone and skin colour is beautiful. I also feel so comfortable in a bikini now, whereas when I was younger I did not. It is still my intention to tone up and feel even better in a swimsuit. I want to feel like I am fit and healthy next time I find myself in a bikini, but I do already feel as though I am more than enough, which is definitely progress! 

I love it here in Costa Rica. The people are so nice, friendly and helpful. The climate is just perfect. The food is amazing. The language is obviously one of my faves because it's the only other language I speak. The music they play here is amazing. My favourite thing about here is probably nature. I love being in nature and Costa Rica has shown me some of the best yet!

I am all revived and recovered from my emotional day the other day. The fact I won't ever fully heal doesn't upset me, I use it to remind me that life is temporary and short, and I use that to live life and be happy for the most part while doing so.

I hope you have had the most wonderful day!

Peace Out Potatoes! xo

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  1. I love this so much. Sounds like absolute bliss! Wowzers! What a day!!! Xxx


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