Thursday, 18 January 2018

My Central American Adventure: DAY 30 - COSTA RICA

So, today is my last day here and I am feeling rather relective. I feel sad to be leaving because I feel like this place is home and I am feeling something that is deeper than just holiday blues. Before travelling Central America as a solo, female traveller, literally everyone I spoke to said: "I was crazy" and one girl even turned to her boyfriend and said "you wouldn't let me do that would you?" LOL. 

Firstly, none of the people saying these things had even set foot into this part of the world, so they had no idea what it was actually like. Secondly, fuck am I letting anyone else allow or not allow me to do something haha. Thirdly, yeah I was scared at first but then it all turned out fabulous, so there are a few morals here: 

One is to only give advice about places you've actually seen and been to yourself. Two is to not listen to any of that advice if your gut is telling you that you should go anyway. Three is to not hide behind your boyfriend or anyone else saying "no" because, in truth, you're too scared (women need to jam with the fragile, "I'm a lady" - little Britain attitude).. Four is to be scared and do it anyway... Confort zones and complacency are not what makes up an attractive lifestyle for me. I'm so glad I've had this adventure and can not wait for the next!!!

I met a new girl at the hostel who is on the same flight as me and used to live in the same place as I did in the UK. She's a fully qualified Reiki therapist, which is strange as I've been going on about wanting reiki since the beginning of this trip! I'm definitely going to get it when I get home!

Airports always make me a bit sad. Sometimes they excite me, especially when I'm getting out of the UK, but on the way home now, they just make me feel sad. I always see so many things I'd buy my Dad if he were here. Today I saw a cup and a hat he would have loved. I liked buying him little things often, just to show him that I was always thinking of him and how much I loved him... I don't usually buy things to show this, but because he was so ill for so long, it was my little way of bringing some of the world to him when he couldn't get out to see it.

I wish he was alive to have experienced this part of the world with me. He would have adored the sunshine and the nature. He would have loved the people and activities when he was well too. I miss my popsicle and if it's boring to read, then you're in the wrong place my friend. This blog is basically my journey and my journal is going to be full of my intentions. One of those intentions is to keep my dad's spirit alive with thinking, speaking and writing of him often, so that's what I shall do!

I'm currently just sitting in the airport, two hours early. I think I may plan my next move, plan what I shall do when I get back and plan my next adventure! Another twelve hours to myself until I am plopped back into reality, responsibility and residents of my life I need to respond to.

Fast forward a nine hour plane journey and a few hours before and after of waiting and travelling and I am back home. Sidenote: TUI's vegan plane meals are amazing. I had a curry for dinner and a vegan fry up for breakfast! I was very impressed to say the least! 

Anyway, I am actually super happy to be back home. I think I convinced myself it was so much better there then it is here, but I think I also forgot how much I actually love my life back home too. I am currently snuggled with my little Riley-pops. It's been so nice to see him, my uncle and friends too. I have so many people I really love in my life and home comforts have been nice too. I've had the best tea, had a nice hot bath, been able to unpack and feel as cosy as pie. I'm really loving being back home after all!

I've met so many people on my journey, some of which will be friends for life. I have heard so many amazing facts, stories and ideas. I've seen so many beautiful views and witnessed so many new things. I have tried lots of new activities and come back to England with a very 'can-do' attitude. I feel super positive about being back home and I am excited to see what the next adventure entails. I've loved blogging my experiences for both myself and others. It's great for my family and frineds because they can read what I am up to and see the photos if they wish, but I haven't had to force them upon them. It's great for me because I can look back on this for years to come and really appraciate once again, what an amazing time I have had. It's also on the interenet for travel enthusiasts to find some advice and inspiration should they want to do a similar trip! Everyone is a winner! 

Always look forward, Neve Back.... Savour the moments, but Keep moving - onwards & upwards! 

Peace Out Potatoes xo


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