Tuesday, 2 January 2018

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 14 - GUATEMALA

This morning I woke up at 6 am and wrote a post, had a nice shower then headed out to wander around Antigua a little more. I love walking through new cities on my own sometimes. It is where I feel most free! I bought some tights which cost just 20 quetzals, which is just £2!!!

Then the crew came back from camping and we went for a little brunch. Ah, it was so good! Refried beans, fruit, papas and they had soya milk for my tea! Which made me one happy young lady. I'm so stereotypically English when it comes to my tea. I love it and I'm proud that I love it.

We left Antigua at around 12 to head to Panajachel for NYE. We passed a town that still takes the law into its own hands. If people are caught committing a crime, they are whipped twenty times in the town square. They so it twenty times for all the Mayan zodiac signs. They even whipped police officers in the same manner for corruption. I imagine a state where the people take the law into their own hands to both have it's pros and cons. The very idea of it from my background is completely bizarre!

I'm in a strange mood, I can't tell if I am happy to go into January or not. It means the one year anniversary of my papi's departure and that makes me a little sad. I'm sure he would be proud, he was anyway but I've done a lot this year. Losing a close one has made me live life like I perhaps wasn't living it before; fearlessly and thankfully. I haven't got much time to dwell on what's awful about life because it's all temporary anyway.

This year has had a lot of good in it, and today I choose to focus on that. I was by my dad's side until his final breath, and it matters a lot to me that I was there for him. I have travelled to 9 countries (Denmark, Iceland, Morocco, Italy, Austria, Tenerife, Mexico, Belize, & Guatemala), moved to Austria and moved back again, travelled around Austria, travelled around the UK's seaside towns on the hunt for a potential future home, fully qualified as an English teacher, been reunited with my beautiful friends poppy and Sophie, witnessed the northern lights, solo travelled around several countries, conquered my fear of heights, I was accepted into my chosen university and completed my first semester as an SLT student.... I have made lots of beautiful friends along the way, made beautiful memories with the friends I already had, fallen a bit for a cheeky Jamaican/Spanish pickle, and gone on lots of walks and adventures with my other little pickle Riley-Roo.

A bad experience doesn't make a whole year bad, just like a bad incident doesn't make the whole day bad. There is always something positive to be found in every situation, and it's down to personal autonomy to shift your focus, because energy flows, where that focus goes!

Feliz ano Nuevo... cheers to new friends, to old, to family, to strangers, to humanity, to all species, to light, and to darkness for showing us that light...

Peace out Potatoes! xo


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