Tuesday, 2 January 2018

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 15 - GUATEMALA

NYE here was CRAZY! They're so dangerous with fireworks. So much so that my friend got one shot into her eye which was awful. I don't usually agree with rules, but there should be rules in place for the fireworks because it was just silly. People's hands were getting burnt, fireworks were flying from all angles and there were firecrackers in the street which scare me no end. It was like being on a blooming battlefield. I couldn't even enjoy the fireworks themselves because they were flying from all around us and the main aim was to avoid being burnt!

Other than that, we had great new years! It was cute to celebrate out with my new best buddies.

Today I've actually had the best first day of the year so far. We woke up, showered and went for breakfast. It was a very good breakfast, they even had tofu which made me happy!

After breakfast, we took a boat to the most beautiful resort you'll ever see. It was built up the side of the volcano and had all these stone steps. There were little cosy places all over and it felt like we were on our own private island. Hearing the waves swish and birds sing waa just lush.

After spending a few hours in that heavenly place, we took another boat to go and meet our host families for the night. Our host family is the cutest. There are six children and the two parents. The mum is a household genius, she had weaved all the serviettes, she cooked everything from scratch and she sings in the local choir.

One of the girls saw my straighteners and said they were beautiful, so I left them to her and she was so happy and grateful bless her. She gave them back to me when I came home later on in the evening and her hair looked beautiful!

We went to three cooperatives here in the village, a textiles one, medicinal plants one and an art gallery. I loved the textiles one beyond belief. So much so I wish I could buy my clothes there all the time and possibly live here.

They make all the textiles from scratch and die them with all different plants. The colours were so vibrant and all natural. It's amazing, we put clothes with harmful ink in on our skin every day. The clothes rub against our many pores and can make it into our bloodstream. If we can wear clothes that are made of natural fibres (cotton) and dyed naturally then it would be so beneficial to our skin. 85% of the profit of anything we bought went to the woman who made it too. We couldn't believe how much stuff there actually was either; there were only 20 women in the cooperative but there were five rooms full of all the textiles they had made.

When the woman was describing the colours to us, she showed us the different colours produced when there was a full moon or not. It goes to show once again that the moon has far more control over organic beings than the western world would have you believe.

After our tours of the cooperatives, we came home to our host family and made tortillas with them. They made us a wholesome wholefood meal and I had a nice little chat with our host father.

It's so simple how they live here and I love it. They have a fire and a hot plate in the kitchen which means no gas costs, so I'll be doing that in my next home. I would like a wood fire too for the same reasons. They don't have wifi and it's blissful, I love blogging etc but to not have those waves pumping through is amazing! Their house is open with no door because the town is so safe and everyone knows one another. There isn't anything to steal anyway but it's nice that they feel safe in their own home.

I have had the most wonderful first day of 2018. I'm feeling super happy and blessed to have all the opportunities I do and to be doing this trip itself is just pure luck in a bag.

I'm very conscious of the fact my group and I are going to be split up on the 3rd and it makes me so sad that we won't be together 24/7 anymore. They've been the best group of people, they've made my trip what it has been thus far and there are a few characters in particular that have my heart. I imagine we'll be friends for a very, very long time, or perhaps to soppy to say, but I'm going to anyway - friends for life!

Peace out Potatoes xo

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