Wednesday, 3 January 2018

my Mayan Adventure: DAY 16 - GUATEMALA

I had a dream last night about my dad. He looked so happy and healthy, and he had really long black pretty eyelashes again. He was happy and healthy and it was so good to see him. Dreams about my dad really help me personally, I told him to visit me in my dreams it there is another realm for one, but even if that is mumbo jumbo - it makes you feel as though you've just seen them and that's the best thing you can get when someone you love has passed.

I also had a dream that there was a parrot in the room. To be fair, that isn't so strange because the roosters here do not stop cackling. What do you even call the noise a rooster makes? My friend just said, "fucking annoying" haha which I suppose it is. I kept hearing it through the night. How people sleep here I don't know!

I have been thinking about yesterday's cooperative visits. I love that they still use the Mayan language, production styles and Mayan knowledge. When I go home, I would like to do some more research into the Mayan civilisation and its knowledge.

I'm really drawn to a culture that preserves and protect nature. Cultures that are at one with nature and use it as best they can inspire me. One day I'll have a life in a place like this. One day very soon (two years to be precise).

You know what I've realised lately? Other humans are so quick to push down your ideas and dreams of an alternative life if you mention it. It's not empowering and it's not cool. Lucky for me I don't take on the confines of other people's minds and I'm certain I can do anything I set my mind to. Expense doesn't always have to be an issue if you know how to save your money and use it wisely. Moving to a different culture doesn't have to be a difficulty if you're already bilingual and have qualifications you could use in a country. Moving away from home isn't difficult for those who currently don't feel as though they have one. Giving up alcohol isn't hard for someone who doesn't want it. Just because a life somewhere else might be different, doesn't mean it is a) impossible or b) a bad thing.

I love how dogs here just wander and roam the streets as they please (they're not strays). They have their own lives and wander around as they wish like cats do back at home. My little dog wouldn't survive that life as he is a bit grumpy and tiny. He's also domesticated now so fending for himself wouldn't be wired within him  Nevertheless, I appreciate how it is here immensely - cars just dodge the animals on the road and people let their dogs go and do their own thing as they please. We even saw one dog in Belize carrying his own takeaway food box in his mouth!

Someone on my coach said, "they're just dogs so I don't think they care about freedom, they just care about food and being in the company of others". I would say that was wrong considering a dog tries to leave a house if the door is open and owners in the UK and other countries are constantly concerned about their dogs escaping! There also wouldn't be dogs on leads. Animals are meant to be free and they do care about it. Just because an animal can't express something to us in words doesn't mean it doesn't feel it. It would be ignorant to think someone would have to speak the same language as you to feel the same way. Animals are smarter in many ways and I think they should be respected far more than they are.

Today has been a tad sad as all the people from my group are leaving! It's a weird feeling that we may not see each other ever again and I have a dull sadness in my belly but I'm sure it'll pass. 

A group of us vegans and veggies headed to a sweet cafe for some food, I only got a slice of raw cake as I knew we were going for dinner but my friend did get the cacao pancakes, which I tried. They were like brownies. They also do crepes, zuccini nuddle bowls, super food bowls and so much more. I love it. The vegan place here in Antigua is called 'Samsara' and it is amazing. It's priced so reasonably too, as usually vegan restaurants are expensive. 

Later in the evening, we went for our goodbye dinner and one of the boys ended up singing his song which was sweet. I left quite early as I don't really enjoy the company of drunkards, haha, but yeah it was nice to say our goodbyes. It was great to meet such a cool group of people, but I am ready for my next solo adventure now.

Peace Out Potatoes xo


  1. Cock-a-doodle-do!

    1. Haha! that's what I thought at first, but I googled it and apparently they call it 'crowing', which I hadn't heard before. I think my friend's definition was more precise though haha! :-) I hope you've having a lovely day! xo


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