Friday, 5 January 2018


Random thought: I think people only act the way they do in a lot of cases because they think that's what they're supposed to do! For example, how can it be that most people aren't morning people? Could it be that people oversleep and think that's the case? I love getting up early, seeing the world wake up etc, but then I broke that belief system...  People love eating meat, it's not good for them, especially not in those quantities and it is so cruel to other beings. Hmmm, I'm not a fan of not being a free-thinker. Obviously, each to their own, but I'd rather be mindful of what I'm doing!

I had a dream yesterday that some man came running towards me to push me off a mountain, obviously because of yesterday's incident lol. It's weird how that'd affected me so much. Although in all honesty someone running towards you to cause you harm is absolutely not the one. At all. I'm sure I'll get over it but it's definitely reminded me to take extra care! I'm going to wear my small bag as a distraction.

So, I was booked for a shuttle to León today and my crazy,  beautiful friend Bernie decided literally half an hour before that she would come with me and possibly change her flights. I was waiting for her worried at the pickup point, I thought she was going to miss us, but it turned out she flagged them down and got in! She told them to come back for me as they didn't have my name down so it was because of her craziness that I didn't miss my shuttle. I was so happy when I climbed in and her smiley face was just sat there, bless her. You couldn't write it! Well, I guess you could because I am, but prior to it happening haha!

Random travel thought; maybe it's society that instils our "I would live the basic life but I'd miss me..  this and that" maybe you wouldn't miss it at all. Maybe you should try. Maybe there will always be a battle or tensions for any aspect of life and maybe you need to weigh those up for your own personal happiness. For example, if you'd miss the supermarket if you lived rurally, maybe you'd love the farm shop more. I think we should live many lives in one and give things a go!

Our journey first took us through the beautiful country that is El Salvador. Wow so beautiful! It reminded me a lot of Belize with reggae and reggaeton music playing everywhere.

Then we were told we were going through Honduras, not going to lie, we are both a bit scared It was so dark by that point and one of the drivers said it was dangerous for us. Not going to lie, I read that this was the El Salvador route only!

On the plus side, a little girl on our bus needed the loo and I got out to see the stars. I saw two shooting stars! I've never seen stars so clearly! It was the most beautiful sight today, but of course, I couldn't photograph it. I'd like to think my pops is up there soaring with those stars.

My friend and I spoke a lot about parents and relationships today and she really opened my eyes to a few things, one is that you cannot compare someone you have travelled a lot with someone who has not. They just won't understand and that's fine. She also indirectly reminded me that it's okay for us all to live our lives differently. Although I also think if you're going to blame anyone for negative things in your life, then you need to blame them for all the good too, because without the impact they made on you, however you feel about it, you wouldn't be here and the person you are today.

I personally like the person I am today and I am proud to be me. If someone is not, it is down to them and them only to set up an action plan and sort that out for yourself.

On our 15 hour trip to Nicaragua, we passed three borders and visited three new countries. We met some eccentric characters, to say the least. We met a woman called Mimi who literally didn't have any idea what was going on. She was dressed in crazy colours and styles and kept asking crazy questions about everything. At one point Mimi gave her money to the passport control to exchange. She had no idea which countries we were going to either bless her haha. She couldn't speak English, German or Spanish but she tried! There were also two drivers declaring their love the whole journey. Hahaha.

The journey got way too long after 15 hours. I don't even know what they took so long about in half the places. If you are crossing Honduras, categorically, do not, I repeat do not use the toilet. There was a drugged up lazy woman in a hammock asking for dollars with a baby as young as ten months running around. She shouted only to take one bit of tissue,  you would have needed a whole room of flipping tissue. The toilet had no door, it was flooded with piss, there was no sink to wash your hands and the toilet seat itself was covered in sick, faeces and urine. I'm no snob when it comes to loos travelling but this was something else. Something quite repulsive given there's a small child living there and running around in filth because it's lazy mother just lays there. Just yuck.

The Honduran borders are the longest thing in the game. Taking hours. They take all your fingerprints and photo. I kind of liked it for safety reasons but also can see how daunting it could be. Our bus was meant to arrive at Leon at 23:00, it is now 01:00 and I'm still at a Guatemala border. I booked with bigfoot hostels and I cannot say I recommend. I wouldn't even be on the bus If my friend didn't flag it down, and I paid $50 for it two days ago! They've been so late and this just would not be cool if we had a flight to catch!

Anyway, I'm knack and stranded in the middle of Central America right now, I hope you're all nice and cosy reading this!

Peace Out Potatoes xo

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