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Vegan Bistro
This café was three minutes away from where we were staying and it was honestly, a blessing. They had juices, smoothies, traditional polish food made vegan, cakes, hot drinks and so much more. The staff were incredibly kind every time we went in, and the place itself is very cosy and kooky, just how I like it. I wouldn't recommend the cakes as, I bought two there and they looked far better than they tasted. However, I would recommend the noodle dish, the soya cutlets and the three dip chips. The guacamole was amazing! 

Vegan Mango
This Café was very cool, with lots of vegan mango items on the menu. There was mango smoothies, mango shakes, mango cakes, mango curries and everything was the colour of a mango. My Dad would have loved the place as he was obsessed with mangos! I got the mango lemonade and my friend got the mango smoothie, and to be honest, they were exactly the same. 

I got a potato dish here and it was just A-mazing. It had cashew cheese, and yeast flakes for a nutty effect. It was so flavoursome and comforting and I think I need to make something similar today now I am writing about it. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am in love with potatoes, so it was right up my highway! :-) My friend got a cake from the varied selection of beautiful cakes they had on offer and honestly, it was the most precious cake I have ever tried. A luxurious, creamy strawberry cheesecake. Obviously I washed my bit down with a lovely cuppa' tea and oat milk! The staff were all quirky and friendly, and I felt right at home in this little place too.

I have saved the best until last, Nancy-lee was my favourite. It's actually the best café I have found in a while, and I promise it has nothing to do with the cute guy I fancied that worked there! Ha-ha. The menu was just incredible, with lots of things I haven't yet had the chance to try out. From chickpea omelettes, to coconut bacon, to a seitan BLT and jackfruit breakfast. It was amazing. I didn't end up getting a cake in Nancy-lee, which I was kind of sad about because they looked wonderful, but they had a great selection on offer. My friend got the pancakes one morning and they were just amazing too, really delicious and well-made. I didn't even particularly like Warsaw, and in all honestly, I would go back just for Nancy-Lees! 

I am going to be honest here and let you know that the food was my favourite thing about the Poland trip, other than that, I really wasn't a fan. I am glad I had such a wonderful culinary experience though and look forward to recreating some of the recipes I have learned about in these places - there's always a positive to be found in any situation! 

Peace Out Potatoes! xo


I would be lying if I wrote here that I was amazed by Warsaw, because, in all honesty, I wasn't. I was rather surprised about how the landscape was so dark and gloomy. I was taken aback by how rude the people were to us, I understand there are culture differences and nuances in the ways in which societies express courteously, but certain things that were said and done could only be described as rudeness. In all honesty, out of all the European cities I have visited, this one had the least to do, however it did have a lot of great places to eat so I will write a separate post about that! One thing I did love, was seeing Warsaw by night, it was so pretty with all the lit up architecture and the lights in the trees.

What we did:

* The Yellow Umbrella Free Walking Tour *
This walking tour was great, the guy was very sweet and we got to see Warsaw's highlights. It was far too freezing for my best friend and I's liking, especially for two hours, however we survived. I enjoyed learning that there was a Mermaid statue there too, said to be related to the one in Copenhagen. Myth says that they were sisters who swam in different directions. Legend has it that the one in Warsaw can protect herself because she has a shield, and that's the reason she hasn't been decapitated like the one in Denmark. It was nice to hear this story after seeing the one there too. 

* The Science Museum *
So, we only got to go to the planetarium, because you have to pre-book tickets to the Science Museum itself. The surrounding areas were very charming in a gloomy kind of way. I loved the reflection of the black trees on the river. Funny story, coming from England to Poland, you can really see the difference in landscape. England is colourful, vibrant and mostly green, and Poland is black and white. I was walking us to the science museum using google maps, and I said 'Ali, it says its here after a patch of green' and she said 'Don't you mean a patch of black?' Haha! It really tickled me, but now I'm writing it, I think perhaps you would have had to be present in dingy old Warsaw to find that one funny. 

* The Old Town *
The old town is pretty, there is no taking away from it, however if you have travelled a lot of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, like I have, you may be left with a slight feeling of having seen it all before. We went to a few cafes in the old town which were kooky and cute, however slightly more expensive and slightly less vegan friendly. I liked seeing the cute, second most narrow house in Europe though. I love anything that makes architecture small and functional.

* Time For Chopin Piano Concert *
This was superb, fantastic way to spend an evening. I would probably say it turned out to be a highlight as I have never been to a live piano show before and it was great to hear Chopin's music after hearing about him all over town all day. The hostess was very sweet, friendly and welcoming. You get a free drink, and CD with your ticket, which for students only cost around £7.00. I liked the elegance of the evening and the talent involved. The pianist on the night we attended had come all the way from Vienna in Austria, which added a sweet touch for me, having spent months there last year. The show was a tiny bit awkward, in terms of applauding. We didn't clap between songs, but I got the feeling the performer may have wanted us to as he went off and came back on several times at the end, encouraging us to applaud each time. I think he did it to collect the claps he didn't in between songs! Ha-ha! Looking back now though, it was a wonderful experience and I'm glad to have been there. I would 100% recommend this! Classy and Calm, just how I like it.

* The Interactive Horror Museum *
DO NOT GO HERE. I repeat DO NOT, GO HERE! We planned our whole third day around this museum, we arrived, put our coats down and signed a paper. With no warning or preparation, we went into the first dark room, and watched a short video which told us our safe word was 'stop'. Then an 'actress' came in, and put us both in a headlock and screamed in our ears. We were not warned that they could touch you so obviously, we yelled stop. However, we had to do it about six times, and the woman still continued to scream. Another woman finally came to get us and the actress very unprofessionally, still tried to scare us on our way out. I read some reviews afterwards and there were reports of bruising, deep scratches and a girl's hair being pulled out. Sorry, but if you have to do those sort of low vibration activates for a job, then you're pretty sick. There is no doubt in my mind that those actors are slightly sadistic and feed off of others fear energies. Whether it is real or not, that is not the kind of energy I like to absorb my cells in.

Peace Out Potatoes! xo

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