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I haven't written a gratitude diary on here in ages, or a blog post to be fair. I have missed it, it makes me happy. It is the best release I have and it helps me to gather my thoughts and send them out into the universe. I have been taking a mental note of what I am grateful for, however, I do think it is much more effective when written up as it really makes you notice what you have to be grateful for. So, now that I have the time in my life to sit down and write one, I jolly well will do! 

My Independence
I am really proud and happy about how independent I am. From travelling alone to doing everything for myself. I don't rely on other people to do stuff with me or for me. I had to grow up quickly due to my Dad's path and I am glad I have. If I want to do something, I will do it and I will make it happen. I can't imagine being one of those people who rely on other people daily and I wouldn't want to be now. I can't imagine not doing something I wanted to do because I didn't have someone to do it with me or for me. I especially can't imagine waiting around to fulfil my dreams just so I can do them with someone else. No thanks. 

Being Single
Okay, so since my Dad died, I have tried dating twice, granted I knew both times that the people were not for me, but I felt I needed to give them a chance. The truth is, I am not ready to meet someone. I am so fixated on my career, my dog, my friends and my own life that the thought of someone coming in to be a part of it makes me feel sick. I love not feeling like I have to see someone, I love not being in constant contact with someone, I love not having to update someone about my day and life, and most of all; I love just doing me with no explanations, divulgence or sharing. I would much rather spend my weekends with Riley, my close family members and my friends. Until I meet someone who I would be proud to introduce to my family and friends, and who I can see a future with, I am going to duck out of the whole dating scene altogether. 

I love the sound of the birds tweeting around in the trees. I love the time I spend with my Riles, and my friends and family in nature. I went for a walk with my sister, her husband and my little nephew the other day and it was just so lovely. A different day I went into the country with my bestie and another day I went into the hills with my family. I love being close to water and I have been really missing it lately so that needs to change. I love being in the woods and close to beautiful trees. I love being in the peacefulness of nature too, away from the chaos. I love the sun, the wind, all of the elements and everything nature has to offer. Honestly, I need to go out and be in it even more often than I already do. 

My Career
Okay, so my career consists of studying to be an SLT (Speech and language therapist), teaching English as a second language, teaching Spanish as a second language, translating and interpreting. I love my teaching, especially when I create a lesson plan that I feel pure excited about delivering and see the students enjoying it too. I love working with teenagers, the elderly and the little ones too, I just love humans. I love how diverse and interesting my career paths are. I love that they are finally combining now and that I am on en route to where I want to be with it all. 

New Adventures
Life is all about new experiences for me. I love changing things up, learning new things, trying things I haven't tried before and most importantly, making new memories. I met someone in a pub the other day and him and his friends play a game called 'the train game' where they just jump on the first train in a station and go to wherever it takes them. He said he had played it in Cyprus, Canada and here in the UK and also played it with planes. Honestly, the man is a guy after my own heart, seriously, that kind of spontaneity and adventure is exactly what I love to embrace. I went on a hot balloon for the other day and it gave me a completely new lease for life. I am a creature of change, not habit and I embrace the new with everything I have.

Peace Out Potatoes! xo


Back in June, I went to Berlin with my beautiful Bestie. I didn't write this post then because I was working full time and still at uni, however now that I have the time to write, I thought I would reminisce about the weekend. I have lots more videos and photos over on my Instagram feed and stories, but here is a little snapshot for you lovers who still like to read good old-fashioned blog posts. 

Berlin has such a great vibe to it and I truly love it, so much so I would be willing to go back there despite my love for a new destination. This is probably going to seem like a strange observation to some, but it actually feels a lot like Spain to me there, as opposed to Germany. To give you a background on me, I have lived in both Spain and Austria. So I can make clear comparisons when it comes to Bavarian and Mediterranean cultures and in Berlin, it feels more Mediterranean to me on first impressions. The shops blare out music and are set up like the ones in Spain. There were deck chairs all over the promenade and parks where people sat drinking in groups, which reminded me of the good old days of Botellon in Spain (google it). The place didn't feel anywhere near as regimental as the other parts of Germany I have visited before and everything just seemed so chill. 

Neither my bestie nor I drink alcohol but we love the taste of beer and there is no better place for it than Germany in my opinion. They offer all of the best beers alcohol-freir there too. Why on earth do they not do that in England I don't know. We tried a grapefruit alcohol-free Radler and I nearly died of happy. 

Brammibals doughnut cafe was our favourite eatery while there. We went there twice for breakfast and my goodness, to describe it just as 'delicious' wouldn't even cut it. It was seriously the most amazing breakfast I have ever had and I truly mean that. We had doughnuts and bagels filled with cashew cheese and coconut bacon - they were nothing less than epic. 

I love travelling with my Lornie-pie. She's one those perfect travel companions who's into the same things as you but laid back about everything too. We went to the Berlin Dungeons (DO NOT GO IF YOU'VE BEEN TO THE LONDON DUNGEONS AS THEY JUST COPIED THAT). We went on a three-hour walking tour and giggled and perved on men the whole time (LOL). We went for nice meals and a not so epic night out which ended up in walking around in the pouring rain. We laughed a lot, ate a lot and drank all of the alcohol-free beer and I am so glad I have a friend like Lorna to make these kinds of memories with. 

If you're interested in Berlin then you should definitely go! Amazing place, amazing vibes, amazing eateries and amazing people too!

Peace Out Potatoes! xo



Long time no blog! Ah, it's so nice to be back in the mix and have the time to write and reflect on here again. So, last year I told my whole family I wanted to conquer my fear of heights, so they all got me gift experiences involving heights bless them. Since that birthday, I have been on the orbit slide, I have climbed the o2 with my girlies, I have been parasailing, I zip lined over creeks in Costa Rica and I flew over the blue hole in Belize on a tiny little rickety plane. It's safe to say, I am a little more used to heights now. 

Due to my fear of heights, I predicted I would be trembling and sitting at the bottom of the basket until they got the thing down, however it was nothing like I had anticipated. We crawled into the basket as it was on its side and held onto the ropes and sat on the bench, which in itself was rather relaxing. The take-off and flight itself are so beautifully calm because there is no engine. The only time it isn't super peaceful is when the hot air is being released, however, even then it is not an offensive sound! 

I loved it up there, it was like sailing on a really calm lake and it was so peaceful. It's so beautifully strange to hear and see the birds from above. They sound different and indeed look it too. I loved floating so closely over the treetops and lakes. Honestly, it was such a dreamy experience. 

One thing that shocked us all was that the pilot doesn't have a specific landing spot, he just has to look out for a decent place to land. I asked him if the farmers minded this and he said 'I think we've found all the farmers that don't like balloons now' haha - and we all hoped so! I asked how long it takes to get a pilot licence and what's involved too. It takes two years to get a pilot licence and you have to learn about human performance, physics, the mechanics of the balloon and lots more. What an interesting career path! 

The landing of a hot air balloon isn't as gracious as the take off as you land with a thud and the basket is dragged along the ground for a bit, but in comparison to some flights I've been on - it was actually very delicate. After we had landed and disembarked the basket, we helped the pilot and his men pack away the balloon and toasted to the experience. We were then handed our certificates and left to mingle. I love the people you meet on these types of experiences. They are the type of people I would love to be friends with. Adventurous go-getters with a specific thirst for life that I appreciate and admire. I met one lady who was just drilling through her bucket list. She'd recently been to see Whales in Boston and was heading to Australia to see the wildlife there. I met another heights enthusiast who had thrown himself off a mountain while paragliding just a few days prior. They were such an interesting bunch and I hope they all continue to be as they are. 

It was honestly such a beautiful, beautiful experience and I keep dreaming about it now. Even if you''re afraid of heights, I would recommend giving it a go because it does feel pretty safe up there. I even looked over the side without getting vertigo! Anyway - fears are only there to be overcome.

I hope you get the chance to go on a hot air balloon sometime soon and I am so grateful I have just had this new experience. Thank you to my uncle for the tickets for my last birthday, Thank you to virgin for being such wonderful hosts and Thank you to the Universe for giving me these opportunities and experiences!

There are some photos beneath from the day but if you would like to see videos and more photos - go and check out my Instagram posts and stories for more! I hope you're having a great day! 

Peace Out Potatoes! xo

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