Saturday, 28 July 2018


Back in June, I went to Berlin with my beautiful Bestie. I didn't write this post then because I was working full time and still at uni, however now that I have the time to write, I thought I would reminisce about the weekend. I have lots more videos and photos over on my Instagram feed and stories, but here is a little snapshot for you lovers who still like to read good old-fashioned blog posts. 

Berlin has such a great vibe to it and I truly love it, so much so I would be willing to go back there despite my love for a new destination. This is probably going to seem like a strange observation to some, but it actually feels a lot like Spain to me there, as opposed to Germany. To give you a background on me, I have lived in both Spain and Austria. So I can make clear comparisons when it comes to Bavarian and Mediterranean cultures and in Berlin, it feels more Mediterranean to me on first impressions. The shops blare out music and are set up like the ones in Spain. There were deck chairs all over the promenade and parks where people sat drinking in groups, which reminded me of the good old days of Botellon in Spain (google it). The place didn't feel anywhere near as regimental as the other parts of Germany I have visited before and everything just seemed so chill. 

Neither my bestie nor I drink alcohol but we love the taste of beer and there is no better place for it than Germany in my opinion. They offer all of the best beers alcohol-freir there too. Why on earth do they not do that in England I don't know. We tried a grapefruit alcohol-free Radler and I nearly died of happy. 

Brammibals doughnut cafe was our favourite eatery while there. We went there twice for breakfast and my goodness, to describe it just as 'delicious' wouldn't even cut it. It was seriously the most amazing breakfast I have ever had and I truly mean that. We had doughnuts and bagels filled with cashew cheese and coconut bacon - they were nothing less than epic. 

I love travelling with my Lornie-pie. She's one those perfect travel companions who's into the same things as you but laid back about everything too. We went to the Berlin Dungeons (DO NOT GO IF YOU'VE BEEN TO THE LONDON DUNGEONS AS THEY JUST COPIED THAT). We went on a three-hour walking tour and giggled and perved on men the whole time (LOL). We went for nice meals and a not so epic night out which ended up in walking around in the pouring rain. We laughed a lot, ate a lot and drank all of the alcohol-free beer and I am so glad I have a friend like Lorna to make these kinds of memories with. 

If you're interested in Berlin then you should definitely go! Amazing place, amazing vibes, amazing eateries and amazing people too!

Peace Out Potatoes! xo


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