Saturday, 8 December 2018


By the time we got to China, I was ready to go home to my cushty little life in London for various reasons (read my Mongolia post here), but I still enjoyed it none the less.

I had the funniest day out with seven older people. I laughed the whole way. A tuc-tuc took us down the road the wrong way, one of the ladies tipped one up, we found a random guide on the street who walked us to each end of Beijing with no structure and we cracked up at the disorganised chaos we found ourselves amongst. 

We climbed the great Wall of China... That was a true highlight. I feel like I accomplished something by walking it instead of taking the cable car and being lazy. It also meant I was 100% deserving of the slide down, which was so much fun! I love those slides where you're in charge of your own breaking and accelerating! 

Then I flew back to my beautiful little life in England.... If I  do return to China, I will not return here or another city because they're too polluted and over populated for me. However, I am interested in going back to see a more traditional side of China (specifically the nutrition and medicinal traditions of China) and also to be in it's nature. I would love to return either alone or with a loved one from home. I do have a two year visa to do so, so watch this space...

You can check out lots more videos & photos over on my Instagram if you're particularly interested in China! 

Peace Out Potatoes! xo


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