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I can't lie to you, I really loved Mongolia and intend on returning, but I went on a tour and my experience was really tainted on this trip. By the time I reached Beijing, I was truly ready to go home and I have never felt like that on a trip before...

Things I loved about my time in Mongolia:
* Hiking! Oh my goodness, on our second day in Mongolia, we drove out from Ulaanbaatar to a national park with lots of beautiful nature and many a hill to hike. Myself and a few of the other tour members went on a nice four hour hike through the foothills of the park and climbed up to the most beautiful Monastery. Up until this point, a lot of the activities on the trip had involved food or alcohol, and as you may or may not know, I don't eat animals, or their secretions and I do not drink alcohol, so it was really nice to be able to partake in an activity with the group. Specifically one that was good for all our well-beings. I got to speak to some really interesting people that I hadn't previously had the chance to, which was lovely. A lovely chap from Ireland and a few Scotsmen. Myself and one of the Scotsmen spoke for nearly three hours about conspiracies, diet, love, disease and all the meaty topics I like wrapping my brain around (I'm not a small talk kind of girl ya see). It was a truly beautiful walk and gave me the break I needed at that point in time. 
* I LOVED Staying in a yurt and I would actually live in one. I'm not even joking, they are so cosy and practical. The Mongolian people actually move out of houses into yurts in the winter time because the weather reaches lows of -45. They're actually a lot warmer than the houses thanks to the beautiful fires in the middle! I love how the yurts are built and we saw some really beautifully decorated ones, they also go quite nicely with the whole minimalism life I find myself partaking in. 
* The fire was epic, I LOVE being by an open fire. In Mongolian culture, the fire is considered to be a spirit of it's own so you cannot add things like newspaper out of respect - just wood or coal. I love the feeling a fire gives you, it's so much more wholesome than the feeling of central heating. When I actually buy my own house, a wood burning fire is going to be an absolute necessity.
* In Ulaanbaatar itself. we found some great vegan finds. There's a loving hut that I visited four times in two days because everything was so good. The food in Mongolia was 100% better than that in Russia for me. There were alternative cheeses and meats in the supermarket. There were vegan restaurants and the fruit and vegetable selection was amazing. If you're vegan and travelling to Ulaanbaatar, then you need not worry! 
* We visited the Blue Sky Rooftop Bar one evening and it had views to die for. It was seriously beautiful seeing all the lights from that high above. At first, myself and a beautiful soul from Germany were the only ones there. So, we had a long heart to heart and lot's of giggles about how ridiculously huge the table was. We spoke about life, death and energies. When you're travelling, it's the kind souls like these that make you feel right at home. It's the ease and comfort you feel with one another that you that you're exactly where you want and need to be at that exact time. 
* The people of Mongolia are beautiful. Lots of little children came up to us in the street just to practice their English. Adults spoke to us in the street too, which was such a welcoming difference to Russia. Everyone seemed to smile and greet you with kindness and I really can't wait to return to Mongolia based on the population I came across alone. 

Things I didn't like so much and why I want to go back with a loved one instead:
I would never usually speak about the negatives of the trip, and in all honesty, in all my years of travel, there usually aren't any, but unfortunately this time I found myself in a shit show of negativity at points in this trip and I'd be completely fake to not mention it.
* Having to share a train carriage and tent with a bitchy woman who behaved like a school girl and said several comments about my eyes (I have a congenital eye condition) really put a dampener on my trip because she was so incredibly nasty and I have never come across nastiness like it - even in primary school. So, I didn't know how to handle it and it really made me withdraw from the group as I overheard this particular person bad mouthing me to more than one person. Negativity, constant moaning, snide comments and attacks on my physical appearance aside I had a nice time overall and I hope that person finds something to be positive and happy about in their own life.
* Seeing and hearing people talk about 'food' like Sheep's heads actually sickened me. The constant jokes about animals dying for dinner drained me. Seeing captive animals for tourist's entertainment saddened me and jokes about shooting a cow when practising archery got pretty boring. Luckily for me, since returning from this tour - I have been approached by a company that want to take me on one of their VEGAN tours, which I am actually ecstatic about. There is nothing like being with like-minded, fully conscious souls and I won't ever feel what I felt on this trip ever again.

The negative aspects of this trip only made me realise how lucky i actually am at home. My partner, and best friends are all vegan or vegetarian so I really do live in some happy lifestyle bubble. My friends that aren't vegan or veggie don't stare at me at meal times, don't make constant unfunny jokes and are completely open-minded, which is wonderful. Every one in my life is a peaceful soul and happy within themselves so I rarely face bitchiness, if at all in my life. My home is lovely, my dog is beautiful, I have a beautiful career, and I am genuinely just so happy I have the life I do. It really does take a bit of darkness to help you see the light and this trip made me realise that I have built a life I do not need a vacation from, and that, was the goal all along. 

Peace Out Potatoes! xo


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